Forza Motorsport will need to add more personality to its racing if Turn 10 wants to overtake GT7

Why Turn 10 should ditch the Drivatar system for more defined AI in Forza Motorsport

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Orchard716d ago

All it really has to do is launch and not be always online, and not be filled with egregious MTX and it's already got way more 'personality' than GT7. Any AI improvements are just icing on top.

Knushwood Butt716d ago

Locking cars behind DLC paywalls has way more personality.

The AI in GT7 is dire, so if this can do better then at least it's not a full course yellow.

Mr Logic715d ago (Edited 715d ago )

There was no point in spending time and resources on GT7 AI when they announced that Sophy is coming.

Knushwood Butt715d ago

Good point about Sophy, but someone at Polyphony definitely spent time on the GT7 AI because it is notably worse than it is in GT Sport!
Let's hope Polyphony fix it and add PSVR2 support, then I'll be happy. Honestly have no motivation to play GT7 events with AI cars involved. If I do play it, I do things like circuit experience.

EvertonFC716d ago

Just to be clear you do realise you have to do a one time verification online to play FM7 so isn't that the same some what ?
I think it's stupid GT7 included but let's not pretend forza is any different, how is someone without internet going to do the the one time verification ? It's the same with train simulator can't play it without the 1 time verification.

TinkerNation715d ago

You are right, it is exactly the same. In fact, I think there is so little difference that all games should be always online. Everyone hates single player games anyway, and loves simply renting the games and losing access the moment the servers have issues, are updating, or when they are eventually taken down. Because games without always online are so outdated. Wanting full access to the games you bought is just gamer entitlement, and obviously an outdated way of thinking.

Yes, all games should be always online and filled to the brim with expensive microtransactions. Because then when you earn those things by grinding for hours and hours of your real life time, you can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that is greater the more expensive the microtransations are.

AuraAbjure715d ago

I won't buy any game that has a robust single player mode if it requires an internet connection.

Orchard715d ago

One time activation? You can just dump the Forza disk in and play offline.

Also, even if it did have a one time activation, that's still not always online. Let's not forget, GT7's singleplayer was unplayable for over a day near launch due to server issues. Servers that are wholly unrequired for singleplayer. That is always online.

Forza's servers can go down / you can go offline, and you can still play singleplayer.

SurgicalMenace715d ago

Why do so many people complain about optional antidotes? I've never explored microtransactions and nor have their existence ever affected how a game plays. Can we give it a rest now?

Aren't our phones, smart TVs, security systems, etc all always online? Why would our games be any different? It's just the way things are now.

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Obscure_Observer715d ago

"All it really has to do is launch and not be always online, and not be filled with egregious MTX and it's already got way more 'personality' than GT7. Any AI improvements are just icing on top."


Leave all that "personality" for GT7 and you´re good to go.

EvertonFC715d ago

It doesn't launch without the verification which needs internet ? I'll let that one sink in.
What you going to do take your console round a friend's house or neighbours house to verify it ? Also you'd have to do that with every update.
Like I said GT7 rightfully so gets the always online hate but let's not act all dumb thinking forza is any different.

Orchard715d ago

@EvertonFC I literally just threw the FM7 disk into a 2013 Xbox One VCR that has been offline for years. It took a system update (presumably from the disk), and played fine.

Also, I could play the singleplayer without internet. Something I can't do on my PS5 w/ GT7.

philm87715d ago

@Orchard. GT7 doesn't have egregious microtransactions. You would know this if you played it rather than listening to the bull online.

GT7 is perfect for me, has a massive nostalgia factor and helps me learn new stuff about cars. Not played Forza since the 360 so can't comment too much on that.

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lelo2play716d ago

Overtake GT7? LOL.

Forza has been better then Gran Turismo for quite some time...

CrimsonIdol716d ago

I would've agreed with you back in the 360 era but something about the way they shove you all over the place with auto-tuned supercars against auto-tuned supercars from the get go, handing cars out like candy and de-emphasising tuning really took a lot of the fun out of it for me in the newer ones. I think GT was always onto a winner with the whole CarPG thing and Forza was silly to more-or-less abandon it in favour of a constant barrage of rewards and events.

The cynic in me feels like this is to build up some dopamine hits in regular flow to ease them into paid loot boxes and the like and the whole progression system was probably designed by someone who designs slot machines but what do I know.

dumahim715d ago

I think the campaigns in Forza got pretty bad too. 7 was a bit of an improvement over what 6 had, which I think was the worst, but 7 overall felt a bit stale for some reason.

ChiefofLoliPolice716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

Yeah...no. Besides the monetization GT has always been top class in terms of gameplay and class compared to Forza. GT's career mode was always in a class of its own from the mainline games that is. I love Forza mind you but it's always been a bit arcady compared to GT as well.

However now that I have has the chance to play every GT game, AC, ACC, Raceroom, Automobilista. It's kinda of hard for me to recommend Forza at this point. If your on PC that is.

neutralgamer1992715d ago

This is all subjective. What criteria are we using?

The only one that matters to publishers are sales and GT never been outsold by any Forza games. Metacritic doesn't matter if you don't believe me just look at what world war Z developers said about metacritic

These goal posts change a lot in arguments. Depending on the argument sales couldn't matter and metacritic only matters or vice versa

Just enjoy the games you want to play

YodaCracker715d ago

Depends on what you are arguing. Sales measure popularity and Metacritic measures quality.

Lifexline715d ago

Lol right I was going to say the same thing it’s been quite a while since any gran turismo has surpassed forza.

Tspite715d ago (Edited 715d ago )

Back in GT5/GT6 days, yes Forza was dominate! However major changes and advances came with Sport. GT7 is an upgrade from Sport.

When it comes to circuit racing games/simulators, GT still remains the King.. Something that Gran Turismo does better than Forza is GT actually incentivizes you to race and improve your skill/lap time. It has a great esports structure, with events that happen monthly and World Tour Championships(that we saw in Sport and an actual Olympic's time trial). This will continue to happen even without the FIA's involvement.

Kaz has stated he wants sim racing and esport motorsports to grow, so I'm looking forward to what PD does with GT7. The game got some justifiable flack early on, but PD has added a lot of cars and a new track for free! Just like in Sport. No DLC, no need to pay more, it's just added into the game.

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Father__Merrin716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

There's nothing about forza that's ever been better than GT apart from mabey damage modeling. In fact mainline Forza is going downhill compared to the Horizon spin off

Om4ever716d ago

Everything has always been better in Forza

Pocahontas716d ago

Physics are weak as hell