Biomutant is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 6, 2022

Biomutant is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 6, 2022.

isarai512d ago

Oddly enough, haven't played past like 4hrs cause i've actually been waiting for this 😅.

sourOG512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

Same. I was so hyped for this and I didn’t play much, it was kinda jank and had way too many moving parts so i moved on. I wonder what they did in patches to change things around (if anything). Free upgrade is nice I will give it another shot

isarai512d ago

The screen tearing and fps dips were just getting in the way for me. I could just suck it up and get used to it like i do most times, but i just had a feeling this would get a next gen upgrade.

brewin512d ago

Hopefully it finds a bigger audience this time around. This is quite the underrated gem. There's a bit of quirkiness to the gameplay but it's fun as hell and it looks amazing even on last gen consoles!

Promachos512d ago

Agreed with lelo. Even it's own developers left it rot. Not a patch for months now.

brewin512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

Yes it is. You have to play beyond the 1st few hours as It gets better. Alot of players only scratched the surface. To each their own. It's a fun game with alot to offer and is pretty original.


You're complaining about no patch for months but maybe that's because they've been working on S/X and PS5 ports?

SavageFlamingo510d ago

People tend to be unusually salty when someone says they like Biomutant. It's kind of weird.

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SurgicalMenace512d ago

I enjoyed it as well, Brewin, the humor alone is a driving force.

brewin511d ago

Yeah it's great. People don't know because they just either wrote it off entirely or only played the 1st hour or so and tossed it aside! Shame. While I did not get time to finish it as so many other games +life, I can't wait for the update to dive back in and finish it. It's been one of those that's at the top of the want to complete list. I got about 40% before I ended up moving. Since I got the disc version it's still packed away and I haven't pulled it back out yet.

MrNinosan512d ago

I loved the game and will play it again with the PS5-release.

512d ago
Sciurus_vulgaris512d ago

Biomutant is already playable on the Series S/X and PS5. It really isn’t “coming to” either system.

BigBosss512d ago

That's through compatibility. These are proper versions for the PS5, Series X/S

Sciurus_vulgaris512d ago

I sometimes question whether or not the so called “ports” are actually necessary or not. And are these really true ports ? The current consoles are very compatible with their predecessors.

512d ago
CobraKai511d ago

Oh. I didn’t know that. I thought they were already out on current gen

MrNinosan512d ago

Playing a PS4/Xone game on a PS5/Series is not closely compared to playing a native version.

brewin511d ago

Exactly. I wonder if these people who complain about this kind of stuff are just trolling or what. It's a huge difference in the majority of cases.

Duke19512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

Ugh im so torn on that game. I really WANTED to like it, but ultimately after the first 10-20 hours it becomes SO freaking repetitive. I finished it, but cant pretend that the vast majority of the gameplay was just rehashed again and again. Too many of the ingame systems just needed more time in the oven (especially the clan system/raiding other clan camps lol)

Worth checking out for cheap though if anyone is on the fence. Also pro tip: turn off the baby talk overlay as much as you can in sound settings.

mastershredder511d ago

This should have gone straight to Free games list for Xbox and PSN.
It's visuals may lure your into thinking this is some kind of secret, awesome thing, but nah. It's not. So many better things out there to play, even with a PS5 wrapper.
Poop Soup might be tasty to some. Not here.

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gleepot208d ago

was interested in checking this out


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darthv72365d ago

Well its official... gotta get me some of that biomutant.