Red Dead Redemption 2 fans are planning a funeral for Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 updates have been missing for over a year, and now fans are seeking closure by hosting a funeral for the game in Red Dead Online

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MichaelKnight83444d ago (Edited 444d ago )

Meh dont matter to me because i only play the single player of red dead redemption 2

zachyBROosevelt444d ago

Nice, that added a lot to the conversation

ChiefofLoliPolice444d ago

You must be a real blast at parties.

Aloymetal444d ago

Oh well, with all that money they made and keep making they should work on a next gen patch, game's a blurry mess.
Time for a at least 4k dynamic res and 60fps update R*

Profchaos443d ago

I replayed it on ps5 and have to say it would be amazing to see a next gen patch but to given them credit it looks better than many native ps5 games now

Concertoine444d ago

Red dead 1’s online was so fun. RDO was a disaster at launch with MTX and nothing fun to do

neutralgamer1992444d ago

because the first game online was about fun and not make it a grind fest so people pay for MT

outsider1624444d ago (Edited 444d ago )

R* could have atleast kept that for Rdo(the fun part) while making money off Gtao.


Red dead 1 is arguably better in many ways. RDR2 was and is an utter dissapointment. Rockstar have fell off their high horse

neutralgamer1992444d ago

Absolutely no doubt about it. I feel like R* have been chasing realism at the cost of fun. Imo RDR is a lot more fun to play than RDR2. In RDR2 you are forced travel via horse instead of allowing instant fast traveling for the sake of extending the game length

If you don't want to grind and instead want to use cheats well tough luck you can't save your progress now never mind the fact you could do that on PS2 but not on PS4 of Xbox one. It's like I finished GTA4 twice but I played a lot more of saints row 2-3 and had a lot more fun

Realism at the cost of fun isn't a good trade off in my opinion

As far as online is concerned it's all about micro transactions. Everyone is chasing GAAS now even Sony has more than 10 live service games in development. There is just so much money so everyone wants a piece of the pie

What's really sad is we use to get many games from R* in one generation yet now we maybe lucky to get one this generation and this could be said of so many other talented studios

How come at the reveal of new platforms we are told how development has been made easy and games should be made faster yet it's taking longer and longer

jivah444d ago

@Neutralgamer1992 Watttt? Fast travel is in the game. I'm playing the game now and use it all the time. Going to a spot in the middle of the woods around no towns yea you'll need a horse but I can get most places by fast travel

JackBNimble443d ago

Have you even played RDR2?
Of course you can fast travel...

Profchaos443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

Yeah tbh I enjoyed the first games mp more. It was simple no grind no mtx there was sone dlc that was questionable but now in the scheme of things not overly bad

XiNatsuDragnel444d ago

When the date so I can be there in my best monkeysuit and bring Lucy with Me, but all jokes aside I hope one day RD2 gets an online update fr it sucks for passionate fans getting screwed like this.

mastershredder444d ago

The first was so much better. A genuine experience for fun. The second was a glorified profit machine that piggybacked on the success of RD1 (online) and tarnished it. A huge world feeling so empty because in the end, every interactive experience lead to the same grind.

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Report: Red Dead Redemption 2 PS5 and Xbox Series Versions Leaked by FTC Court Documents

Gamers might be able to expect a Red Dead Redemption 2 PS5 and Xbox Series version according to the latest leaked FTC court documents.

jeromeface2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

hopefully my og ps4 disk version gets upgraded to the ps5 version for free

neutralgamer19922d ago

Free hahah

It’s take two R*. They are charging $50 for a port so forget about anything free. Hopefully there is a $10 upgrade option and we aren’t forced to pay full price

jznrpg2d ago

That would be ideal but I doubt it highly

RaidenBlack1d 17h ago

Good news .... but would've preferred RDR1 Remake even more