Next-gen Star Wars revealed for PS3 and 360, PS2 and handheld versions also in the works

The first details of LucasArts' PS3 and Xbox 360 Star Wars project have finally emerged, from the latest issue of US mag Game Informer.

It's called Star Wars: Force Unleashed and takes place between Episode III and Episode IV, when new Sith on the block Darth Vader is out to wipe the galaxy clean of runaway Jedi.

As Vader's apprentice, you're on a secret mission to dive head-first into the forbidden Dark Side of the force, take out the emperor and rule the galaxy as master and apprentice.

Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are being developed in-house at Lucasarts, while PS2, PSP and DS duties have been outsourced to another, unnamed developer.

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bigmack5706d ago

that star wars are gonna screw things up.

OC_MurphysLaw5706d ago

Having the PS3/360 version developed seperately from the lesser platforms could keep this game from being total crap.

Doophis48975706d ago

I want my preciousss lightsssaber action!!!! BRING IT ON!!!

PS360PCROCKS5706d ago

Dlacy exactly what I was thinking i'm happy they split it up and if this game's powers are ANYTHING compared to that tech demo than holy hell this could be a hell of alot of fun

Rasputin20115706d ago

I live and breath for anything Star Wars...and I agree ladies the split of the development teams is a great idea because I hate when the next gen titles that are also released on the "Old" consoles just feel like a fountain pop version of what it could actually be.

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The story is too old to be commented.