Sly Cooper Deserved To Join the Age of Classic Platformer Revivals

It is dismaying that Sly Cooper will not be getting a reboot soon, especially when other classic platformers are enjoying a renaissance.

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Knightofelemia261d ago

You can add Wild Arms to that list as well

porkChop260d ago

I thought those were RPGs?

Rocosaurus261d ago

Absolutely. Sly cooper is deserves a comeback.

Bathyj260d ago

I'd rather have another infamous, but I'd rather have another Ghost of Tsushima first many hours in the day.

1Victor260d ago

Sucker punch recently said in their 25th anniversary no infamous or sly for now they’re busy with their new games but maybe in the future

259d ago
1Victor260d ago
Unfortunately they got no plans for infamous of sly 😢

RaveTears260d ago

PlayStation can just commission Sly Cooper and Infamous to another Studio to remake it.

259d ago
NecrumOddBoy260d ago

Sly Cooper got a remastered collection and a new game Thieves in Time for PS3. It didn’t bite unfortunately. There were also rumors of a television show but that seems to have fallen off. I love Sly but I don’t know what would trigger a resurgence for the series.

Demetrius260d ago

I would love sky cooper to make a return I remember first playing band of thieves man I swear yo it had one of the dopest vibe, the atmosphere the music, it was funny too

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