NVIDIA GeFroce GTX 295 Preview

NVIDIA has definitely made this a worthy competitor to the Radeon HD 4870 X2. But in no way is this a "4870 X2 killer." From our narrow look here today with what is likely to be an immature driver set, the GTX 295 is matching the 4870 X2 in gameplay. Maybe it will best it in a month, but I would not bet on it.

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Superted20074664d ago

lolz Its GeForce btw not Gefroce! hahahaha!

AllroundGamer4664d ago

nonono this is the new GeFroze :)

GIJeff4664d ago

sorry about the spelling. Figures the only thing i didn't copy and paste i spelled wrong. sorry. The reason i had to post this is because this is real benches run instead of the BS nvidia was spewing. nvidia was saying 80% better, when we see here from a real review that its roughly the same, and even losing on the resolutions people who need these cards will be playing on.

Cynical-Gamerzus4664d ago

I dont care what console you like,
But 224 Gigabytes a second Bandwidth is Phenomenal!!!
This race for speed is just ridiculous!!
Can you imagine the time and resources it would take to make a game to fully take advantage of this sheer power of this card??
I can only image what next Gen game systems will bring us????
PC's are full of crap cause your constantly upgrading,but sadly who has the resource to make good games for PC anyways??
but this is amazing the Tech. Useless but amazing!!!
im happy with the Cell processor and RSX for now

GIJeff4664d ago

the memory bandwidth is 112/s. Which isn't as high as the 4870x2. nvidia tells you that because there are 2 cards here, so they add them. Even though it doesnt work like that. kinda like the 4870x2 says 2gb ddr5 when only 1gb is being utilized. this card is essentially 2 260's running in sli.

mjones19944664d ago

I am a console gamer but PC's wipe the floor with consoles in the spec and graphics.
Compare farcry 2 on pc to the console versions you will see the difference in quality.

picker3324664d ago

Pc's are better when it comes to graphic but not gameplay,& PC's wipe the floor with consoles?Ehhh no definitely not!
But pc's are better but you describe it like pc's are far faar inferior in graphic,which is totally wrong!

y0haN4664d ago

That performance, holy crap. Still, my 8800GT isn't old enough to be replaced, and i'm not rich enough to buy this :D

mjones19944664d ago

Can anyone recommed a £70 graphics card ?

El_Colombiano4664d ago

If that is $150 USD, DEFINITELY an 8800GT 512MB.