Sorry, FIFA 2024 – eFootball snags exclusive rights to Inter Milan

FIFA 2024 players might not be happy, as Konami’s eFootball bags exclusive rights to Inter Milan for the whole 2022/2023 season, and potentially beyond

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porkChop742d ago

There is no FIFA 24 though.

Welshy742d ago (Edited 742d ago )

PES was a much better experience imo than FIFA in almost every aspect other than maybe FUT (which is a cancer mode anyway). The Master League career mode especially was miles ahead of FIFA, and they threw it all away for this eFootball garbage.

They can get all the licenses they like, but Konami nuked the only real competitor to FIFA and an Inter deal won't save that.

PapaBop742d ago

Like Juventus the past few Fifas? It won't do anything, a saying EA more than most should be used to hearing, you can't polish a turd and Konami gave dirty man birth to a right stinker when they released eFootball.

TheColbertinator742d ago

Konami killed their own game again. How are they so good at self-inflicted gunshot wounds?

EvertonFC742d ago (Edited 742d ago )

Why a picture of Messi? He plays for PSG, at least get a picture of a Inter Milan player

1nsomniac742d ago

He’s the eFootball cover star and that image is the cover image for the game.

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slayernz299d ago

Still waiting for master league! Used to love playing that, given up playing most games online due to the toxic players out there


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