My Time at Sandrock Early Access Preview [Capsule Computers]

Travis at Capsule Computers writes:

"There was a time that farming and life simulation games were something of a rarity, especially those that featured plenty of combat and other elements besides tilling soil. That started to change around 2016 and one of these games that happened to appear was Pathea Games’ My Time at Portia, a unique take on the genre that not only offered players a chance to enter an entirely new world where they can farm but also craft plenty of objects to help their town grow. With a unique setting and plenty of heart, My Time at Portia set itself apart from a number of titles that tried to jump on the trend at the time. Now years later the developer is back with something of a sequel that sprung out of DLC that grew so ambitious that it deserved its own game. "

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Coming to Game Pass June 2024 wave 2.

Coming soon to Game Pass: EA Sports FC 24, My Time at Sandrock, Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders, and more!

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Xbox Game Pass App Leak Reveals Surprise New Game Coming To Service

A leak via the Xbox Game Pass app has revealed a new surprise game that is headed to the premium subscription service.

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P_Bomb5d ago

Still Wakes the Deep is Game Pass day one? That’s a good get. Was considering a buy.

shinoff21835d ago

Still could buy it. You know support the hobby and all.

GhostScholar5d ago

You do know they get a bag of cash to be in game pass right? So playing it on game pass is still supporting the game.

darthv725d ago

...they might just do that, because they do get a discount for being a GP member.

GhostScholar5d ago

And I assume since you’re not a hypocrite you’ve bought every game you’ve ever played on PlayStation plus right?

fr0sty4d ago

Apples to oranges... PS+ doesn't do day 1 releases.

darthv724d ago

@frosty... yes it does. I distinctly remember getting Stray day one with PS+. there have been several others as well. It may not be the touted selling point like GP does... but they certainly have had their share of day one releases.

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VincentVanBro5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Not a surprise, I pre loaded it a few weeks back on PC


“My Time at Sandrock” has just released its "New Year, Better Me" update for consoles

"The Chongqing-based (China) indie games developer Pathea Games are today very happy and excited to announce that they have just released the "New Year, Better Me" update for their sandbox simulation RPG “My Time at Sandrock” (the said update is available right now for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles)." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

NotoriousWhiz131d ago

I'm waiting for the multiplayer update.

TGG_overlord130d ago

I feel you ;) And I hope that you will enjoy the update once it drops.