X-Play: Infamous Update

Adam, Morgan and Game Director Nate Fox give you an in-depth look at the PS3 exclusive 'Infamous' including a tour of the new Neon District and a look at the game's A.I., including how player decision making affects in-game events.

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- Ghost of Sparta -4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

Ugh. Why did it have to be on G4?

Edit: Ah man the tree climbing is awesome.

Liquid Dust4908d ago

Great gameplay footage and with a release time frame made my night.

Spring 2009 aint too shabby, i wasnt sure when to expect this one, i have a feeling there are going to be some previews being released here pretty soon

Sucker Punch ftw!

Beast_Master4908d ago

The transportation Hint. Hopefully you will be able to eventually "ride the lightning" in the game. Would be cool to level up through out the game to eventually fly.

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Simon_Brezhnev4909d ago

the game looks good another must buy

Qbanboi4908d ago

I was thinking the same, i does look go. In graphics and everything, i remember people hitting on it a while back because of the graphics, well looks that it may be a sleeper hit, but still they have some time to make it better.

40cal4908d ago

Looks solid, I will also be picking this one up day one.

Starting 09 off will KILLZONE 2, INfamous, Resistance Retribution (PSP), and Resident Evil 5 so far.

INehalemEXI4908d ago (Edited 4908d ago )

they should make a Big trouble in little china add on

animboo4908d ago

it was really really good, nay awesome hehehe..infamous is a day one buy for me, upgradable powers. hope its far longer than 10 hours, heres hoping it would be 20+ hours hehehe..

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TheHater4908d ago

Is when it is coming out guys. So that mean anything between March and June this game is coming out.

IzKyD13314908d ago

This is probably unlikely (or impossible) but I hope theres some form of multiplayer in this, maybe have some modes where you play as different gangs with different powers

Simon_Brezhnev4908d ago

well hopefully they can give you more powers in DLC or multiplayer

Danja4908d ago

I dunno how well MP would work this game..though..

but the game is looking great..

MUGEN4908d ago (Edited 4908d ago )

It looks like the game runs good and the frame rate is up around 60fps.

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The story is too old to be commented.