Battlefield 6 - 10 ways a new Battlefield needs to be better than 2042

FragHero writes: "With many players writing off Battlefield 2042, plenty of gamers already have their sights set on Battlefield 6 and what that might be."

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RaidenBlack460d ago

make Bad Company 3 dammit .. with a decent single-player campaign, continuing the story and a simple, robust all-out traditional BF multiplayer

Bretty460d ago

I mean tbf yeah. Just do that and I'd be happy 😅

isarai459d ago

Problem is i really doubt anyone that made those games what they were are with the studio anymore. I haven't trusted EA to make a good game in years, and i still dont. They'd mess it up somehow

PapaBop459d ago

A new publisher. Fairly obvious the problems with 2042 come from upstairs at EA who looked up the current FPS trends and forced DICE into shoehorning them in BF. 128 player servers sounds like a marketing department's wet dream but in practice it offered absolutely nothing to the experience.

gamer9459d ago

128 players was bad. Made if feel that your squads efforts didn't mean much overall

REDGUM459d ago

That and teamwork became irrelevant. The teamwork part is why I've turned away from battlefield now. Not since B4 has it been relevant. Once you speed up the pace in the or any MP game for that matter or even make bullet damage more severe, teamwork becomes something that's lost within the game as there is less time to help out, less time to plan & work out what the plan of attack is. It just all gets lost with the battle. I loved BC 1 & 2, 3 was good 4 was great too (once patched) but since then the game has changed too much for me to get into.
Please go back to the toots of what Battlefield was once all about.

gamer9459d ago

Remake BC2 / BF3 / BF4 maps in the portal engine and release it at low price. Better than attempting another new game. Win some of your fans back.

Runechaz455d ago

- True destruction
-More Vehicules... come on its Battlefield not supposed to be a COD Clone
-No specialist
-100 and lower player..
- I know a no bug game is impossible... but come on dice, test your game a little ..


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ravens527h ago

Stop supporting this and make a bf4 remake.

peppeaccardo6h ago

So I preordered and bought the gold edition for 100 euros as I mistakenly jumped on the hype bandwagon. It was total $H!T when it launched, yes they made it better BUT whenever I play Battlefield V I want to play more, when I play this I just want to quit. So I uninstalled it and just get pissed whenever BF2042 news pop up .. .and I feel compelled to always write the same comment (this) just because I lost time and 100 euros on this piece of (half) turd!

Newmanator5h ago

I too was duped by buying digital day 1. Never again!

FinalFantasyFanatic1h ago

It's a pity they're still struggling to fix this game, I love the setting, but I don't want to support bad dvelopment practices.


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