Why Sony is Not in Trouble

Gamerlimit: "So lately for some unheard of reason the internet has been bashing Sony's name, claiming that the Playstation 3 is dying, and that Sony has ruined the console. Sound familiar to any one? Wasn't this the same thing we heard for the first 6 months after launch? In my opinion these claims are completely unfounded. There is nothing at all that shows any sign of Playstation 3 growth stoppage and here's why."

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WANNA GET HIGH4416d ago (Edited 4416d ago )

Lol.We finaly get a postive sony article but look at how long its taken for it to get approved.(-_-)

Ziriux4416d ago

Yea I wish the rest of the people actually read the article to understand that, but they just jump to a flame without even reading.

jwatt4416d ago

I was freaking clapping when I read this artical because it's so true. The 360 does a price cut now all of a sudden the ps3 is doomed?

LoVeRSaMa4416d ago

I am Generally is Sonys favor, but due to todays home updates and the brawls on the EU forums, I am in an ANTI - Sony mood.

So "meh" is all that I am putting untill I cheer up tomorrow.

Danja4416d ago

I can't wait till next year comes and the PS3 gets it's price cut ans sales skyrocket pass the 360 monthly sales....I wanna see what the media will be writing up about the 360....most likely they're will be a double standard when it comes to M$ and the American media..

RebornSpy4416d ago

Why would the "American" media be biased against Sony but not Nintendo? I swear. And if they're biased, I'm sure there's a reason.

hay4416d ago

@Reborn Spy: Ever heard about myth that americans think all that's best is american?

prowiew4416d ago (Edited 4416d ago )

Good news to sony. But you know what. Is not that people are saying that the ps3 is doom. Is just that it has not live to the expectations, at least in sales in USA and even Japan. The reality is that the 360 was supposed to be the underdog like last generation. And this time is doing equal or better than ps3. Does this means that ps3 is doom? No. Nobody can deny the facts. Also it doesnt help the prices sony products have, the worst marketing in a sony gaming machine, the boring that home it is right now, and the layoffs they are reporting. They all add to the equation.

prunchess4416d ago

Well I finally picked up a used 20 gig 360 the other day . It cost me 150 Euro with 3 games (Gears 2, COD MW and COD WAW) If I had not bought this machine for such a cheap price with the games included I’d be pretty p!ssed off. Have 360 owners set their benchmark so low that they insist that this machine trumps the PS3!?

It's an extremely noisy machine. My wife was that surprised by the noise it made she suggested I turn the volume up on the surround system. (Normally she's moaning about it being too loud!)

The power and TV leads are thick and awkward. As for that great big rectangle block on the power lead, WTF! What part of the late 80s early 90s did MS dig that up from! I have more than enough leads in my living room and now I have to hide this monstrosity! What’s wrong with a simple lead into the 360? Not simple enough?

The NXE is nothing special. I like the way the avatars nod off when a friend isn't online and the menus are smooth and snazzy but c'mon, after reading the posts of some of the 360 posters here on N4G I expected much more.

Finally, Gears 2. I was actually looking forward to getting stuck into this game., but it's a repetitive bore (so far). It looks nice, but what about the game play? As for the characters, cheeeeeeesey! It's like they EPIC hired a WWF wrestler and got him to develop and write the script for the characters.

As much as I’m disappointed with it so far, I’m determined to complete it so I may change in my final opinion on it. I already have COD MW and COD WAW on the PS3 though I haven't had a chance to compare them yet with the 360 copies, hopefully over the weekend I'll get a chance.

After now being a 360 owner for the last few days I can see why so many 360 fanboys attack the PS3, they could have bought one but bought a 360 instead (American and Brits mainly) and will have to live (and defend) with their embarrassment.

Nineball21124416d ago

I thought this was rather amusing from the article:

"Home may not be what everyone expected but it sure does something different than just giving us avatars that stand in feminine positions and sit in snow globes."

Sony is NOT in trouble, they HAVEN'T been in trouble, and by all means the future is looking very bright indeed.

SWORDF1SH4416d ago

AMEN to that brother.
also id like to add that american media is biased against sony. uk media are to because we jus have to be like america all the time. i think its a mixture of the xbox being a amerivan product and the mentality of liking to see the underdog win/destroyin the top guy. im not sayin its a major bias, but its there. and ms dollars are tippin the bias more into there favour.
also the attitude between the sony and ms absolutly sucks and it filters down to the fanboys, which may i add, is the most horrible and worst to date.

nycredude4416d ago

The American media is not biased against Nintendo because they can't! Even though the Wii is trumping the competition, uh, uh. What are they going to say? The Wii is selling like freaking hotcakes. I simply don't understand the sales, kind of like I didn't understand the elmo craze a while ago.

RebornSpy4416d ago

but it gets more positive press than either of the other systems. It is true that many Americans think for some reason that American-made things are the best, but that is just a dated stereotype. I personally think that more and more of us are accepting the fact that America is not always number 1 product-wise. And like I've said so many times, there is no bias. Maybe a lot of people just don't like the PS3.

And Prunchess, I'm a lot like you except opposite. I paid 500 USD for a PS3, MGS4, and a DualShock Controller(I honestly can't see how anyone played comfortably with a Sixaxis). The PS3 menu is exactly like that of my PS3, so I knew how to navigate it, but honestly it's kind of boring. I played MGS4 and Resistance 2, supposedly two of the best on the system. They are great games, but I really don't see a huge graphical difference like everyone talks about. I'm hoping that my experience improves, because 500 dollars is starting to seem like a bad deal.

Pennywise4415d ago (Edited 4415d ago )

Prunchess, so damn true. These guys that believe the 360 is the second coming are so convicted to their opinion they start to make me feel like I am being bias. I own a PS3 and have played the 360 plenty. The PS3 feels like it is a good machine, while the 360 feels like a piece of cheap plastic.

I want to know the song they will be singing when the PSN gives us private chat with our friends. How can anyone with any tech knowledge back the 360? I love nice things and the 360 is in no way "nice".

LOL @ REBORN- The menu is BORING??? Name me one "FUN" menu please. I want to the point and fast- XMB provides that. next.

UltimateIdiot9114415d ago

Same here, I own a PS3 but I have plenty of friends who own a 360 and those who a Wii. So, I've played on all 3 consoles. To me, I purchase the PS3 for the games I like mainly for MGS4, VC, WKC, FF Vs.FXII and FFXIII (before it went multi, bluray (say what you like but I love it and own mainly tier 0 quality movies), reliability (this is a must, I don't have the time to ship my console back and forth and hope I'm there for it), cheap long term investment (XBL is great but I can't keep paying for a wireless adapter because i need wireless, XBL, bigger harddrive, and etc, and mainly because I have a PSP.

Now, for some of my friends like my roommate, depending on their gaming preferences, I recommended a 360 mainly because they are shooter fan, and sport fanatics. Some of my friends, I recommend them a Wii because they are just casual gamers and some a PS3 who look for long term and reliability while being a hardcore.

So, I don't understand why there is all these media hate on Sony. Many of the Sony products I've use are reliable and works very well. It's like the media doesn't want to see a company like Sony to be better than an American company. For nintendo, all the do is game and nothing else.

jadenkorri4415d ago

so, um when has America been # 1 in something, all their products suck, their not the best country in the world, they have one of the worst health care systems, even Cuba has better health care.... They only believe that their number 1...

ou8asemi24415d ago

America had the number 1 economy in the world for a long long time. Ever thought about this, how come when the United States economy goes bad, the world follows. Yes I live in the United States and no I do not think everything is the best here, but that is pretty ignorant and a stupid comment to make.

Tawnokoi4415d ago

Uh, what? This is N4G, the PS3-fanboy capital of the Internet. Look at the front page, about 80% or more of the articles are either vehemently pro-Sony, anti-Microsoft, or both.

Look at the front page before you blindly press Disagree.

lance4415d ago

yup this site is crawling with sony d1ck riders. you can notice them when they have excessive amount of bubbles yet they post fanatical extremist low quality BS.

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Nathan Drake4416d ago

It was the same thing we heard,but let them post their articles and corporate funded 'opinions',it helps us properly identify the fanboy publications from the real publications

midgetsanx4416d ago

Where did you find that?! xD

Its pretty cool.

hay4416d ago

lol, that's hilarious :D

VampHuntD4416d ago

But that's not to say it isn't true. Sony isn't in trouble regardless of what anyone says. If they were in trouble, you would have seen a price drop or some other change. The fact is, the PS3 is selling. Yes the 360 has sold more, there are several reasons for that. Here are a few:

A: It's now cheaper than the Wii. The sad thing is that it really isn't. If you pay the Core Console, you're more than likely going to need the hard drive, which means you're still gonna spend more than a Wii.

B: Microsoft Marketing is awesome. They have been able to spin the RROD, are buying exclusives left and right (Not that I think that's a bad thing, but in the end it ruins the gaming market) and manage to cover up or ignore any issue that may effect the domination of xbox fanboys. I mean seriously, how did the RROD not get more publiciuty when MS admitted that the console wasn't ready and they knew about the flaw. That's reason for a class action law suit alone.

C: No one else has called them out. Nintendo doesn't need to because they are destroying everyone with the wii. Sony PR sucks and has failed to really attack the 360's flaws in a manner similar to the way 360 has poked fun at Sony issues (The PS3 has issues, no doubt, HOME being delayed was not one of them, it's better to wait than to drop a broken product).

End result, the problem with Sony is PR. If they had started it off right and combated the "OMG" reactiont o the $600 price tag, the PS3 could have had a better start. They still refuse to toot their own horn and really tell consumers WHY they MUST have a PS3. Wii has done it, MS has done it, Sony must now show everyone why the PS3 is either the choice they should make, or the next edition to their console library.

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Ziriux4416d ago (Edited 4416d ago )

Funny guys, read the article, before you flame or report. This is what sites do, critiquing a certain system or praising it. This community is full of flamers and immature kids. Thanks.

IzKyD13314416d ago

I love how theres like a million 'PS3 is failing' articles getting approved, but this is getting reported as lame

Ziriux4416d ago

Yea, once again mate, it just falls into how people don't read stuff and hit report buttons.

SONYSLAVE4416d ago

it is lame alot of people are getting tired of hearing about SONY on here all the time

Danja4416d ago

remember this site is run by Sony Fanboys as they say right..?

well just goes to show that this site isn't as pro Sony as ppl would like to think.