Steam Deck Has Ruined Nintendo Directs For Me

Steve Watts : "I used to marvel at all the indie games I could finally play. Now I've already got access to them elsewhere for cheaper."

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moongrim340d ago

switch sales have been dropping every month since the deck release if you look closely

phoenixwing340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

I only buy switch exclusives for my switch and buy everything else on PC and ps5. If they didn't make good RPGs I'd have skipped the switch entirely

SeTTriP339d ago

The only reason I still have a switch is because of the rpgs and bayonetta.

Yui_Suzumiya339d ago

I'm the opposite.. I only play it for visual novels, FPS, horror and RPG games. I did purchase a laptop off eBay the other day though because playing "all ages" versions of eroge on Switch seems counterintuitive if I can get the full 18+ versions with H scenes on a Windows based system.

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andy85339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Do you not think its because people already have one. Someone is not thinking oh I've waited 6 years to buy a Switch I'll get a Steam Deck instead. They either have one or they weren't interested in the Switch in the first place


That logic is a bit flawed. Sales haven’t stopped abruptly because everyone has one. There’s still some momentum so obviously not everyone has one, and there’s obviously still interest in the console x number of years into its lifecycle.

You could argue that everyone had a Switch by the time the OLED version (minimal improvements) released. People were buying them.

The SteamDeck hasn’t even fully released. They’re struggling with hardware procurement and delivery. Doubt this niche device is carving out Nintendo’s sales. Plus the economy sucks and people rather eat. People are buying less, and neither device is an essential.

Fist4achin339d ago

Just wait for a Pokemon release and that will fix it. Kiddie purchases are what really fuels Nintendo more than anything.its the RPGs that have me still on it.

thesoftware730339d ago

No, just no, please tell me that is sarcasm.

Switch sales have been going down because it's been 5 years on the market and they are at 110 million WW lol.

Fel08339d ago

Haven't noticed that at all

Sgt_Slaughter339d ago

Either cite your sources, or stop making things up to try and make a point that doesn't exist.

Mobis-New-Nest339d ago

That sounds like fake news, I've read Nintendo Switch Sales have tripled since Jan 2022 and it's on its way to becoming "The Best Selling Console of All Time That Will Never Be Beat"

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HeliosHex339d ago

Honestly not fair to compare the deck to switch just because it's a handheld.

CrimsonWing69339d ago

Why is it not fair to compare a handheld to a handheld? Because one smokes the other with hardware specs?

repsahj339d ago

not fair because switch is so popular and steam deck not so much. Hahaha.

septemberindecember339d ago

It's valid to compare them, but there should be context that one was released almost 5 years after the other.

SeTTriP339d ago

This is competition for the we can stop comparing a handheld to full on consoles.

kayoss339d ago

But there are those who compare switch to a console.

Eidolon339d ago

Any attack on switch as a docked console will always amount to, "Well I take it on the bus" or something. It's a handheld.

DeusFever339d ago

That’s like saying it’s not fair to compare Android to Apple just because they are both phones.

Eidolon339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

It being handheld is one of, if not the major selling point, besides exclusives. It is entirely fair to compare them. Nintendo had an opportunity to upgrade the hardware, and they didn't.

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CrimsonWing69339d ago

Does the Steam Deck have Zelda, Fire Emblem, Metroid, Astral Chains, Shin Megami Tensei V Or is it getting Bayonetta 3? Oh, no? Ok, I’ll stick to Switch then, thanks!

Terry_B339d ago

actually..they might run on steamdeck via the switch emulator

CrimsonWing69339d ago

Yea, there is that... but I'm not into the whole pirating scene. Although, for games you can't get any other way I'm in support of.

Hada339d ago

with 100 degree celsius, I have a steam deck but I don't play the emulator because it gets very hot and the battery runs out very quickly

notachance339d ago

no need to get defensive buddy..

CrimsonWing69339d ago

But isn't that how points are made, pal?

Shiken339d ago

No need to get defensive, this article only applies to a very small hand full of people that actually own a Steamdeck. It is like when Sony fans used to bash XBox for their 1st party games being on PC, when most of them don't even have a PC that can run the games themselves.

Terry_B339d ago

No need to pirate a Wii, Wii-U, Switch game to play it via PC. You can still buy them.

Shiken339d ago

The fact that you are acting like even a quarter of the people who use emulation burn their own roms/iso (the only legal way to do it) speaks volumes about how hard you are trying to downplay Nintendo exclusives.

skyrimer339d ago

Actually I've just finished Super Mario Odyssey last week on Yuzu on my 256gb Steam Deck (first Mario game ending that I see him crying lol), and currently enjoying Metroid Dread, I hate those robot dogs that follow you anywhere, but finally manage to kill one after defeating the big eye thing lol. I'm planning on playing all those games you mention at some point, and also some PS3 games that run pretty well with RPCS3 too, this thing is a beast.

RedDevils339d ago

If you gonna list exclusively, steam has way more than you can count.

CrimsonWing69339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

It’s not a battle of exclusives. My point was a counter to the article saying Steam Deck takes away from Nintendo announcements.

My point is there’s plenty of titles to make the Switch relevant with arguably better games than whatever the equivalents of the genres are on Steam.

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GoodGuy09339d ago

Oh yes. Steam basically has all the indies ever and have been there longer and are on sales oft. I've been playing a lot of indies and slower games on my pc and keep thinking I want to play portably lol.
Really can't wait to get myself a deck once they're back in stock.

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