Halo Infinite’s melee desync isn’t being fixed because devs have been allocated elsewhere, 343 says


Just wanted to comment that we appreciate these types of compilations. Videos like this always get pulled into bug/task threads for UCN (networking) improvements.

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SullysCigar267d ago

What a crap explanation. Get your house in order 343i.

The reputational damage these idiots are causing is shocking. Time for a long-overdue shake up, Microsoft.

SullysCigar267d ago

Good lord I'd actually forgotten about that fiasco somehow. Awful.

Jin_Sakai266d ago

The melee is so bad it literally ruins the game. And this is a poor excuse if I’ve ever seen one. 343i are the worst!

Mobis-New-Nest266d ago

At this point Microsoft should let Blizzard take over the Halo Franchise. I believe Blizzard will offer the best in AAA quality to the Halo Universe and give us an experience that would put the works of 343i and Bungie to shame. Blizzard is the only company that save Halo at this point. I hope Microsoft can see that sooner rather than later.

SullysCigar266d ago

Hell no. If there's one thing that would hammer home the final nail in the coffin for this franchise, it's Halo Immortal.

notachance266d ago

you're confusing oldies Blizzard with the new one, almost all the talents that made their legendary games have departed the company, it's only Blizzard in name now.

1Victor266d ago

I stop reading at “at this point Microsoft should let blitzzard take over the franchise”🤦🏿
Making it into a Diablo clone is out of the question it would make it worse same for a cod clone. At this point they need a hiatus of a few years to let the franchise cooldown while making a new dedicated studio with accomplished FPS developers that can treat it with respect to the players and legacy of halo.
Microsoft after all the acquisitions should have enough developers to pick the best from those studios and create a amazing team for halo

Wrex369266d ago

I usually preach patience but at this point.. Halo is your main tent pole franchise.. or it used to be. Treat it like such. This is embarrassing.

neutralgamer1992265d ago

This is simply pathetic. With Ms resources and amount of talent at 343i this is simply pathetic

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Tacoboto267d ago

When they're not adding overlays to loading screens to give the appearance of new loading screens, they're stuck in committee forming the next excuse.

"We forgot to renew the networking team's contracts after release, however can we fix this?!"

ClayRules2012267d ago

Ummm… what a pitiful response to give to your fans who bought your game, and are continuing to play this poor excuse of a game. The way 343 has done things with Halo Infinite is mind blowing, and NOT in a good way!

343 continues to bury their name and reputation…


ActualWhiteMan266d ago

Well to be fair the MP is free. Take it or leave it.

ClayRules2012266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Just because it’s “Free” is no excuse for the poor doings done by 343! And to say “Take it or leave it” when fans lifelong fans and new, paid for the game (I assume most, solely for the MP mode, although also looking forward to the SP, but their bulk of time and years of time would be spent on the MP having a great deal of fun and new great experiences, yet this poor excuse of a games offerings is given to them, isn’t acceptable. And than for you to say again take it or leave it, just because it’s free, and with that, they aren’t paying for the mode and can in that stop at anytime, thats foolish.

Fans expected better, paid for something much much better and simply put, deserve better! 343 most definitely know it, but could care less.

Bathyj266d ago

And there's the problem in a nutshell.

AmUnRa266d ago

That it the most delusional defence for this shitshow i ever heard...

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Jin_Sakai266d ago

The only thing 343i are burying is the Halo franchise!

ClayRules2012266d ago

Thanks for that!

Yes, the Halo franchise is being buried! However, they can bury themselves too (knowing their motives and lack of care for fans complaints and outcry on the broken state of their game seems to not be a concern for them.

R.I.P. Halo…

ChubbyBlade266d ago

This has been 343 for 10 years. I have no idea why people are shocked.

AngainorG7X267d ago

This is such a bullcrap excuse that it might actually be true.. Wtf

Inverno266d ago

Allocated to what? All this dev does is HALO

Servbot41266d ago

Allocated to MTX and MTX ONLY.

SierraGuy266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

MTX to disable the melee exploit...$6.99 US... coming to gamepass ... Christmas 2023

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