Atari Reveals Atari 2600 Collectible Cartridges

This looks like a must for fans and collectors. Atari revealed today a new series of collectible cartridges for the Atari 2600 commemorating the company’s 50th Anniversary. The series of ten cartridges, featuring Atari’s most iconic titles, will launch over the next six months.

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darthv72156d ago

Once i saw the name "Limited Run Games"... nope, no thanks. $100-150 is crazy stupid for a glorified reproduction.

Garethvk156d ago

You know the hardcore fans and collectors will be all over this. Like the people who bought that console even though you can play the games on all current platforms in most cases.

-Foxtrot156d ago

Price is a bit steep and you'd think for that much there would have been other little goodies in there.

Would love if SEGA did this for some of their games in the future, be awesome to have re-releases of Sonic, Streets of Rage, ToeJam and more.

Garethvk155d ago

I think if something like this is a success you will see more and more companies try it. They are always looking for new ways to increase revenue and with Loot Boxes and Microtransactions being targeted in some areas and not favorable with many gamers, you can bet merchandise will be an area they look at. I am shocked that in-game advertising did not take off more.

Relientk77155d ago

These are really cool but they're too expensive.

Garethvk155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

What I find interesting is that things are priced knowing collectors will pay as they can flip them online at a later date. Hardcore fans will pay it to just have it. What about the rank and file people who say wow that is a nice bit of nostalgia yo have as for them collectibles like this are a pricey item if you are not a collector.

Cackocacho155d ago

Atari. The only company that literally continues to try to siphon from successes, from FORTY+ years ago. How embarrassing.

Garethvk155d ago

Do not forget their Crypto for Atari casino and their Atari Hotel. Still waiting on those anyone?