Interview - Halo 3

So what do we know so far? Well, despite nine million news stories on a game no one's ever seen outside Bungie, we know very little. You know, the names of the new weapons, the Mongoose ATV, the names of some maps, but little of consequence. Here's a World Exclusive guess: it's going to be a bit like Halo 1 and 2, but with high definition badgers.

And to continue the agonising process of filling up our factometer on the game, Eurogamer grabbed content manager Frank O'Connor to see if he had any more nuggets to reveal. Interview by Gregor Wildermann of

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Optimus Prime4891d ago

be quiet. you are wishing that some game can live up to the hype on the ps3, or even better you wait until the ps3 lives up to the hype. so while you are waiting, you have to dis one of the biggest games to come out ever! but that is what you sony fanboys do.

sparco4891d ago

I think he can say its one of em. Theres people all over the world, casual and hardcore gamers, waiting for this game. I think that makes it quite a big launch.

bigmack4891d ago

youll buy anything they give..

sparco4891d ago

See what jealousy does to ya? It makes you sound like a pr*ck :)

zonetrooper54891d ago

Bigmack could you just leave this site and stop creating lots of accounts to flame, spame and be offensive. I read the interview and although he did not say much, the footprints in the snow sound pretty cool.

THAMMER14891d ago

Cause If I do not get this day one I'll S#!T.

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