Interview with Transformers Producer

IGN recently emailed producer Andy Burrows about the new and upcoming game Transformers.

"Andy Burrows: Yes, there will be two distinct campaigns for each of the different factions. The Autobot campaign follows the plot of the movie."

"Burrows: It is really important for us to convey a real sense of scale with the game and in order to do that we made everything destructible and interactive - buildings can be smashed, objects such as lampposts can be ripped from the ground and used as weapons, cars and buses can be picked up and thrown at attacking helicopters. It's quite easy to cause a massive amount of havoc, but you'll run the risk of ticking off the police, the military or other forces."

"IGN: Lastly, will the transformation sound be taken directly from the old cartoon? That sound is seriously awesome.

Burrows: You'll have to wait and see."

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Violater5708d ago

even when i was reading the post i was making the sound lol.
If its a completely destructible environ this should be cool.

Rasputin20115708d ago

I think the game sounds wicked and im totally hyped for the movie!