The Rise and Fall of Sega take a look into the past of Sega and where they went wrong in the console wars.

"Techmo Bowl sucks, I got Joe Montana. You're still playing Mario, Dude! Ask your Mom if you can come over. I'll let you play on a real video game system. My Genesis has 16-bit graphics, what's yours again? 8-bit, that's funny. Oh the good old days of harassing Nintendo players. Being the first kid to own a Sega Genesis on my block was the biggest thrill of my adolescent life. Until Mark "My Parents are so Rich" Bradley brought in his Neo Geo instruction manual, everyone was my friend. But that's another story for another time. It was a time when wearing British Knights and Air Jordans was as important as having a Triple Fat Goose and a Starter hat to be in the upper echelon of public middle school society. It was the pinnacle of Sega's Pax Romana. Sadly, like a VH1 "Behind the Music" episode, the downward spiral soon began."

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OutLaw6193d ago

I think I also had everything Sega made minus the Master System. But even if you had all of them or not. People should read this article. As a gamer you owe it to yourself no matter if you have a 360 or plan on buying a PS3. Just to know how things was back then. Boy did he bring up alot of good old games.

Jak4ever6193d ago

Wow! what a great trip down memory lane. Doesnt it seem ironic how Sony is moving along these days, it does remind you of what Sega did in the past. I hope that Sony rewrites history with the PS3. But It seems like the market and timing is ripe for an upstart company to take the ball that sony is fumbling and put out the next Ps2!!. Great article though, all i remember was waiting for Zelda II to come out, buying it and running all the way home, calling my cousin and becoming wide eyed watching the opening screen (all the while listening to the Mets on the FAN!!!!!)

(All the fellas who know what i mean... HOLLA!)

OutLaw6193d ago (Edited 6193d ago )

Yankees Fan, My fellow New yorker.

Jak4ever6193d ago

you know what im talking about then!

TheMART6193d ago

The next Sega will be the PSZero then if I read all of this