Sony's success 'won't depend on MS or Nintendo'

Ready At Dawn president Didier Malenfant has told that Sony's performance in the next-gen console market will be determined by the actions of the company itself, not those of its rivals.

"It's their market to lose. That's the reality," Malenfant observed.

"It doesn't depend on Nintendo or Microsoft - it depends on them. They've got a great platform in the PS3, they've got great teams working with them, but every hardware transition is difficult.

"Next-gen involves a lot of money, it's a big investment, and it's going to be a difficult time of transition whether you're Microsoft or Sony."

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TheMART4896d ago

"Sony's performance in the next-gen console market will be determined by the actions of the company itself, not those of its rivals. "

Only partly true. Ofcourse their lies, failures and fals promisses don't help the PS3.

But don't underestimate the power of the Wii and 360 in the games, graphics, gameplay or premium online service. With that, the performance of Sony is determined also. Anyone saying it's a non-factor in their performance is probably mental.

Anyone overhere posting that this wouldn't be true is mad also. I would actually say the same if it was MS if it was in Sony's bad position and they said PS3/Wii wouldn't be part of the things that determined the 360's succes.

Come on be real and don't get this fake marketingtalk out... gees

techie4895d ago

Every company lies, fails, and has false promises. MS has their fair share of them. Like failures of providing systems not lasting more than a week - that is a huge f***up. Sony and MS will continue to fail in the eyes that only see failure.

Stop scouting for a Sony bash. It is their game to lose, and if they feel like they're losing they will bring out all the stops.

kingboy4895d ago

blah blah! same story marti..very unhappy with your purchase?

nanometric4895d ago

dude, just go get a life!

Gamer134895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

Then everyone will be running for a ps3, but at the moment the price is too high and it hasn,t got enough games and only a cople of the ps3 games got a good review.

IM OUT...///

GaMr-4895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

End of 2000
PS2 - 6.4 million

End of 2001
PS2 - 24.99 million
XBX - 1.5 million
GCN - 510,000 (September 30, 2001)
GCN - 3.8 million (March 31, 2002)

End of 2002
PS2 - 49.59 million
XBX - 8 million
GCN - 6.68 million (September 30, 2002)
GCN - 9.55 million (March 31, 2003)

End of 2003
PS2 - 69.46 million
XBX - 13.7 million
GCN - 13.94 million

End of 2004
PS2 - 81.39 million
XBX - 19.9 million
GCN - 18.03 million

End of 2005
PS2 - 101.37 million
XBX - 24 million
GCN - 20.61 million

Judging by the past market. I think this is indirectly saying. I may be very wrong but. The Wii does directly interfer with Sony's target market .And Microsofts market is pretty much settled. I mean most people that buy a Wii will more than likely be purchasing another console. And Even though there is some Mega hits coming for Xbox360 there is still more than enough reason to purchase it now yet its still not flying off shelves. Leaving one to believe that they have to snatched Sony's market up. They more so built a new market or picked up where there old market left off. Wich can still account for another 10 million sales. They would have to surpass 24 million before they are labled as an actual threat. Cause lets just say the first 24 million consoles are just people upgrading. Then that was there market to begin with. I cant see someone loving Xbox and then not showing even more love for XBox360. Basically the Large majority of the market is out there waiting for PS3 to pick up. Or we can call them PS2 upgraders. Alot of people said they went from PS2 to Xbox but that leaves room for speculation. Although people will make this claim if you were actually into your PS2 like most and really liked there franchises and style of games your more likely not going to make a permanent console jump. You will sooner or later want to see if the PS3 has any of that to offer. I dont believe there is a god honest PS2 lover who can honestly say "I hate Sony I hate PS3 I will never buy it". Its a bit of a waiting game with Sony. People are just waiting especially for $600. Who the heck wants to drop more than half a grand then sit through early hardware bugs and a game drought. Thats just not logical. So its fair to believe there is a huge consumer base out there waiting for Sony to get there act together. "Price,Games,Features ETC."

Funky Town_TX4895d ago

Sony's fate is up to Sony. THe fact that I got a 360 has nothing to do with a PS3. I got a 360 on launch day. This was before the price of the PS3 was even out. THe price however has kept me from getting one now. Why spend $600 now when I can get a 60 gig PS3 for $500 when the price drops. And trust me guys it will drop.

THAMMER14895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

That is all I need too. A price drop and some super dope exclusive games. I know this will look funny but all the muli platform games will be bought for my 360 because of online and achivements. But games that are PS3 only and AAA I'm sold. Games BABAY that is what matters the most.

MikeGdaGod4895d ago

right now nothing can beat sony except sony. if all the things they banked on work in their favor they could blow the comp out the water. if not the ps3 will be my last sony console...hope it last 10 years

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