Someone Remade The Simpsons: Hit And Run As An Open World Game

The Simpsons: Hit & Run has been reimagined as an open-world game using Unreal Engine.

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Number1TailzFan217d ago

Don't see much point in doing this other than to annoy people, since he won't release it.

Played the original on Xbox and it was a fun game for sure. Better looking than Vice City at the time too, my only complaints would be that there should have been more missions, i don't think Homer got that many. A little linear but still somewhat open, fun game overall though.

Knightofelemia217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

He can't release it unless Disney who owns Fox who also owns the Simpsons gives the game a green light. He releases it with out their permission then it opens one hell of a can of worms. Lawyers, the game being taken down lawsuit and I doubt he wants that kind of attention banging on his door. This is basically a fan made demo showing what the game could look like if there was a remake of The Simpsons Hit And Run. The guy is a fan of the game and a passionate fan at that investing all this time and effort maybe Disney could green light the game.

Profchaos217d ago

Let's be honest he could stealth drop it on torrent sites and other means to allow it to spread before Disney caught on but he wants the recognition more than anything

porkChop217d ago


I don't know if he cares about recognition to be honest. Look at his channel. All his content is about teaching people how to make games, and how to work with Unreal and C++. Even this Simpsons video is him showing how he's doing everything. He's trying to help/teach people.

porkChop217d ago

To be honest it's still amazing to see. He was able to do this with very little work involved. It just goes to show how powerful and easy to use UE5 is.

There are so many classic games that aren't available to purchase anymore because of weird rights issues. Or something like Scarface where the game rights reverted back to the holder of the movie rights, and the game isn't able to be bought. Someone could use methods like this to speed up the process and build a working, playable product.

hackJammer216d ago

I think the point is the educational value for the creator and his viewers

kayoss216d ago

Maybe its a hobby of his. He enjoying this stuff but he dont want to get sued for using copyrighted materials.

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MIDGETonSTILTS17217d ago

Some heroes don’t wear capes 🍩

SinisterMister217d ago

People are way too talented. Kudos to the developer!

-Foxtrot216d ago

Imagine if you had a studio behind this kind of project when one guy can do this in his own time

Having a remake as a seamless open world game without the level hubs and expanding the map to the point they could even include many new areas, possibly having a more accurate updated version of Springfield would be amazing.

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