Best Wii Games of 2008

Kenneth Wesley at picks the best games on Wii for 2008.

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LokMessier3588d ago

I wonder if Rock Band would have made it on the list if they didn't "shaft" the Wii users of a few options, either way Nice job Nintendo - Wii a few of those games (In my honest opinion) are really nice editions to the Wii, granted I would have loved if they weren't to overtly changed (Brawl and Mario Kart) but still they are enjoyable and fun to play :)

BrotherNick3588d ago

I'm curious, what didn't you like about MarioKart and Brawl? MarioKart seems pretty hard, I just got it yesterday (might be because I don't know how to drive). Brawl feels the same with people, the online is a bit laggy so the sword-wielding characters just spam.

Darkarm663588d ago

(This is the writer by the way)-I could never enjoy the Wii version of Mario Kart fully because there were too many races won and lost on cheap weaponry, not because someone was more skilled. And another reason I couldn't score it highly, even with all its additions online and the how easier the game is, it's dumbed down to the point where it lost anything special from past Mario Kart games. And Double Dash is playable on the Wii and is vastly superior to Mario Kart Wii

LokMessier3588d ago

Brawl - Introduction of the smash orb.
Mario Kart Wii - Bikes.

Online (for both) wasn't to bad, it was actually the things that kept me playing. Even in "laggy" matches I continued to play, because it gave me a dose of laughter and fun at the same time.

I'll also agree with dark on the options of weapons it always seems to depend on the place your in (though I'm still mad one match I was in last place and they gave me a damn banana >_< how is that supposed to help?!) Overall It's not to terribly bad, but just the fact that their were bikes just took most of the excitement away from it (At least for me) also if true or not the idea of 'stats' for each character which were introduced back in Double Dash? Doesn't seem to flow in the single player races when bikes are included. If they had just stuck to karts solely I would have loved it all the more.

steveg25643588d ago

It's a solid list. Nice job. I think that the Wii version of Kart is one of the best in the series. I don't think it has cheap AI. I win the majority of the time and think that the more skilled players win a vast majority of the time. It is however, the worst for battle mode. I like the bikes. I also like the wheel a lot. It's the only way I play now.

Product3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

steve you hit it on the head...Mario Kart wii is very hard if your not good.....if your good then you win more often then lose(a small fraction could make you lose due to bad luck)but like you said the best win 99% of the time.
Its how because i feel Double Dash was the worst in the series.Cheap AI has been a staple of the series since the snes(blue shell was introduced in Mario Kart 64).I fell the weapons that are in the wii version make the game more interesting rather then annoying.

Btw people who think the game is dumbed down obviously havent played people with 8500 vs points or higher online.Its hard.......i didnt get Mario Kart for the single player campaign ,multi player MK wii shines just like every other MK before it imo,althoguh battle mode was neglected i feel.

AWBrawler3588d ago

Is easily the best Wii game of 2008. Brawl and Kart are more fun, true, but TOS:DotNW is a more complete product. The story. the characters I've come to love from TOS on the cube, the depth of combos, the monster capturing, the anime movie feel of it, Side quest, and I'm only 25 hours (Chapter 6) in and already know its the best of 2008.

Mini Mario3588d ago

I liked the addition of bikes...and tricks. Mario Kart to me has been underated by so many ppl which i truly dont get. 1500cc can be uneven, sure, but hey 150cc has (from memory) always been really diffcult to beat...which is the hardest part of the game. 50cc and 100c is childs play, there like a warm up to 150cc.

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