Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Is In Desperate Need of a Patch

So there you have it: the first five minutes of Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition. It’s an absolute mess. There is absolutely no reason to buy this version of the game over the original PC version, unless you need subtitles or don’t have access to a PC.

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MadLad229d ago

I expect better from Nightdive.

MartyMcFly88229d ago

In its current state, it’s a truly terrible port.

DrDoomer228d ago

yeah it's not looking all that enhanced tbh

MartyMcFly88228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

It isn't - it's basically a blurrier, buggier and worse-looking version of the 1997 original (which has run great on modern systems since 2019 thanks to ScummVM).