Final Fantasy 16 Producer Reveals New Details on Summons And Party Members

In a new interview with IGN, producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 will have some form of party-based combat while talking about comparisons to Final Fantasy 14 and more.

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-Foxtrot223d ago

"That said, the party members will be AI-driven so as to allow players to focus solely on controlling Clive," Yoshida explains"

What? One of the main things criticised in FFXV (the base game) was the lack of party members and the ones you did have couldn't be controlled, now they've done it again. Really? Sigh.

porkChop223d ago

Every time they talk about FFXVI I become less and less interested. Such a talented team making some really stupid decisions. Oh well. At least FF7 Rebirth and Crisis Core are coming.

pietro1212222d ago

It’s crazy that both FFVII Remake and FFXVI battle systems are handled by ex Capcom developers no wonder FFVII Remake played so damn well especially on hard mode. I’m really hyped for FF16 battle system and I can’t wait to see how party members play a role

a7madRyan223d ago

Is it that big of deal??? The game story focuses on 1 character that turns into a giant monster to kill other giant characters, what other normal characters u want them to do cheer him up on the ground? All i care about is the story and the gameplay and as long as all other characters are greatly written then i dont care if i play with them or not.

-Foxtrot222d ago

Kind of I mean it’s Final Fantasy

Sure it might be good but how many times can they drift away from what the franchise what it was

Mobis-New-Nest222d ago

Wait a minute, I thought Final Fantasy 16 was going back to its roots by sticking to turn based battle style? If this is a myth then I'm waiting for the it to go on Flash Sale, no way I'm paying for a game that's "Don't think, just press X and watch the game beat itself"

pietro1212222d ago

Nobody said that and you thought that was the case you don’t seem that familiar with the franchise. FF has never been a stagnant franchise

phoenixwing223d ago

Disappointed but still buying it day one anyway

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Flawlessmic223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Im just glad to hear there is a party, as a ff game without wouldve been weird without it.

I thought ff12s gambit system was great i dont know why they dont bring that back to be honest, would be much more prerrable than just completely ai controlled party members. Atleast you could set there parameters this way.

In saying that, its a brillant team developing this one and im sure they will knock it out of the park!!!

pietro1212222d ago

Dude, FFXII’s gambit system was ahead of its time. Some of the best A.I I encountered in a RPG and I loved the ATB battle system. I would like to see another Matsuno directed titles with a similar gameplay system.

MehmetAlperTR222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Just watched gameplay again.. It was not FF game clearly.. It s something like DMC or KH... Very bad for me.. I don't like the way, they are going with series.. Prefer Turn Based Combat just like FF7-FF8-FF9.. You can play with attack and limit break.. or just with summons.. or just with magic..

pietro1212221d ago

If don’t think it resembles a Final Fantasy, you don’t know dick about the franchise pain and simple. Also ATB is not a pure turn based system and that’s has been leading combat system since FF4. Both FFXIII and XII used a revamp version of the ATB system.