Bobby Kotick re-elected as Activision Blizzard CEO

One of the proposals voted on by the shareholders was on which directors would be elected to serve for another term, including Bobby Kotick in the role of CEO.

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SullysCigar272d ago

Every swamp needs a toad, I guess.

frostypants272d ago

I laughed way too hard at that.

neutralgamer1992272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Totally deserving of this. Works so hard and takes care of all employees and treats everyone equally

While at it give him a raise and make sure his bonus check is huge

Microsoft and Sony Sony make him the CEO of their companies too

Nothing but success


fr0sty272d ago

If Microsoft really cared, they'd be putting their foot down about this and saying the deal won't go through if they don't remove him.

Soulrakk272d ago

Won't matter once the deal goes through. I highly doubt he'll still be there not long after.

DarXyde272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

That says something, doesn't it?

I don't understand the specifics and I'm unaware of the optics and politics of this deal... But to me, it sounds like, behind the scenes, Microsoft was coerced into allowing this to proceed as a condition for the deal. If I'm using a clear example of my thinking, it's a bit strange that were getting this news shortly after the announcement of some big titles from Activision being on game pass like Diablo 4. Imagine having to walk that back. It would blow up, and if this is the case, that would be very shameful on Microsoft's part.

Alternatively, I must wonder how much Activision really wants this deal to go through. I suspect they're taking advantage of the average gamer's short attention span. The terrible culture at Activision was incredibly caustic to their reputation and the hopes of an acquisition allowed a lot of people to have misplaced confidence in the coming changes... Now that the storm has died down, Kottick has an opportunity to remain.

Even crazier... Is Microsoft also thinking this deal will not go through? Did they just posture to rehabilitate Activision's image as a favor to secure something from Activision in the future?

I'm speculating, but if there's any truth to my speculation, that is disgusting and embarrassing.

KillBill272d ago

Microsoft can't even enter into any discussion on this subject until after the deal is finalized. To do so would put the deal in jeopardy.

anubusgold272d ago

microsoft has no power until they have control the share holders will stop anything they try.

anubusgold272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Sony fanboys can disagree all they want its illegal for Microsoft to try to tell them anything before they actually own them they will get sued into the ground if the shareholders can prove it and fined by the government.

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KillBill272d ago

MS has zero say in this and can't get involved.

Jin_Sakai272d ago

Did anyone really think he would step down before the acquisition? Hopefully next year is his last!

1Victor272d ago

I’m No surprised they only care about the money and he bring it in regardless of anything else a perfect fit for Microsoft next Xbox head of gaming division after Phil eventually drop the ball.

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Orchard272d ago

They were always going to re-elect the same guy during a transition period like this. The sooner the MS deal closes the better, get him out of the door ASAP.

Eonjay272d ago

So of course this is exactly to Microsoft's, the Board's and Kotick's plan. In order for him to get up to that 500+ million he has to be fired by Microsoft. That was their plan from the beginning. Its in his contract. This was the last real chance for the board to stop him from getting the impending gigantic payout. Now he is assured over half a billion from Microsoft in exchange for the buyout and being fired under Phil Spencer. Now Microsoft will pay him tripple salary on top of the stock buyout. They should have demanded him resgin as part of the deal beforehand but clearly Kotick was instrumental in crafting this deal. He laughs in your face every time you say '[Microsoft will] get him out the door'. NOW was the time to get him out.

Orchard272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Not sure that's anything to do with MS - they have zero say in goings on at Activision prior to the acquisition being approved.

That being said, we all know he gets a payout for being booted out, but sometimes you just have to bite that bullet. It's a better option than having him in the industry for another decade or two - for both employees and gamers.

shadowhaxor272d ago

Since MS didn't own the company, they couldn't demand anything. Of course, if/when MS owns the company, they don't have to fire him. They could demote him or remove him of any responsibilities, instead of firing him. The cleaning won't begin until this deal is finalized and completed.

Eonjay272d ago


Actually... I like the idea of demoting him. Thats a perfect solution.

Godmars290272d ago

Thing is if he's not thrown fired or otherwise leaves, will it really reflect on MS?

Honestly think, like most cases of backlash they've suffered, it will only be temporary. With likelihood that if he does stay on, he may even be put in charge of MS.

Tacoboto272d ago

Microsoft has $70 billion worth of things they could say about Kotick. But like how business is business, they leapt at the chance to get a good price over standing up for the values they project in press releases.

272d ago
Orchard272d ago

@Eonjay Demote him and make him report to those he abused and exploited over the years

@Hatchet well another way of looking at it is, they’re doing a favor to the employees of Activision who will now get better working conditions.

@Godmars Literally zero chance of him becoming head of MS lol. Phil Spencer won’t even get that role, it’ll be someone on the more corporate side of things who understands azure etc, gaming isn’t about to take over Microsoft.

Godmars290272d ago


Meant to say Xbox division.

shinoff2183272d ago

Dude isnt getting fired by ms.

RosweeSon272d ago

Yeah people saying it’s not on Microsoft the Board wont allow it, money talks if Microsoft say we’re not having it sure they may just lose out but I’m pretty certain the shareholders would go oh ish do we want our major payouts as well lose the deal unless we get rid of 1 guy. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣 hey ho now they’ve abandoned Tony hawks 3/4 like utter morons I have literally 0 interest in this company.

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-Foxtrot272d ago

Honestly, with the amount of shit this guy is bringing over, they should have just cut their losses and the bad PR , getting rid of him

Since they haven't, he'll be around even after the deal closes I reckon.

Orchard272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

It would need to be Activision who cut him (at this time) - and they won't shake the jello during an acquisition.

Microsoft have zero say in anything at this time. It's a bit like being in closing on a house. You can see the ugly wallpaper but you can't quite pull it off until all the paperwork is complete.

He's gone under MS for sure. No way they're going to keep such an employee around. Imagine the PR disaster.

shinoff2183272d ago

You right. Its probably being written into the contract about not getting rid of him or something to that extent

S2Killinit272d ago

Ummm yeah no, stop deflecting please. This is MS.

Orchard272d ago

MS who just fired someone of similar statute to Kotick over less? Yes. No deflection at all.

TheGreatGazoo30272d ago

MS can't even legally talk specifics about what their plans are for things when they take over. They don't own the company and have no say in any of this. I'd be illegal for them to interfere.

S2Killinit271d ago

You think they can announce upcoming games and talk about the direction of the company but cant fire this guy if they wanted to?

gamer7804272d ago

Yup and people were complaining about MS buying them…

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MadLad272d ago

He's out as soon as the MS deal goes into effect.
Until then, not surprised he's still around. He's a true scumbag, and horrible PR for the company, but he's also the reason Activision is as large as it is today. That's all that matters to investors.

PapaBop272d ago

We can only hope. This acquisition gives MS the chance to wipe the slate clean with Activision Blizzard and score some major PR points in the process. Everything leads back to this guy, from a Blizzard fan's perspective, there is no redemption until this slimey POS is gone. Hopefully MS get it right.

S2Killinit272d ago

I dont think that is happening.

MadLad272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Based on what, exactly?
As soon as the acquisition goes into effect Spencer essentially takes on Kotick's role.

All studios underneath The Activision/Blizzard banner are now just first party studios for Microsoft Game Studios. They are no longer beholden to stockholders as they were acting solely as a large game publisher.
Kotick brings nothing to the table, as his expertise won't be applicable in the new environment that takes console sales into consideration, as well as the current focus by Microsoft with their Gamepass service.

MadLad272d ago

Read my statement above. It makes no sense, and I have no idea why people would even think he'll remain after the close on the deal.

He's bad PR, his position and expertise is rendered irrelevant once the deal closes, and he has a severance written right into the purchase agreement.

Like, I'm watching people humoring the most illogical outcome post acquisition, and I have no idea where it's even coming from.

isarai272d ago


You act like MS has never made illogical decisions before. Truth is most people who buy activision's games dont know or care who the CEO is. Dont know why you feel like a large corporation like MS would have such strong ethics, they want money, they'll keep whoever makes tham that money, until their presence starts affecting that money greatly, they dont care.

XiNatsuDragnel272d ago

Oh heck no, in my opinion that's a disaster

ElCapitan006272d ago

He will most likely be out of there shortly after the deal goes through. This is probably just a formality.

Kados272d ago

Hopefully MS cleans house once the sale is complete. Get rid of Dobby Coatrack, and the entire board of directors.