Virtua Fighter Outsold By D.O.A

Oh Friday, we reported that Japan was exactly kookoo for Virtua Fighter 5. To put things into perspective, Japanese game blog Ore Teki Game Sokuhou @ Katana points out the following:

* February 8th, 2007
* 600,000 PS3s
* Virtua Fighter 5 Copies Sold: 30,000

* December 29th, 2005
* 80,000 Xbox 360s
* Dead or Alive 4 Copies Sold: 60,000

Not exactly a system seller. (That, dear readers, should be the upcoming Gundam Musou!)

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Raist4896d ago

That's not really surprising. I don't think VF5 is a system seller. Japanese gamers just spend their time on the arcade version. They built their chars etc, so i doubt VF5's sales will go very high.

The 4th episode has sold like 500000 copies. Considering the PS2 install base in japan, that's somewhat weak.

THAMMER14895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

Oh boy. I like both games. Looks like you do not. WHY bro? DOA4 is sweet. I really love tekken too. But come on MAN give credit too good games. Virtual fight 5 will sell in waves for the 360 just wait you will see.

Sega will get paid cause I'm buying it for my 360 and it better have on line cause I really love bashing heads on line.

Raist4895d ago

Explain me where did I say that DAO didn't sell well ? o_O

THAMMER14895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

And read post #10.2 it is yours. DUH Or did I read it wrong. If I did my bad bro. It hard to tell some times.

Raist4894d ago

Naaah. I wasn't replying to you. Just to the other user that said the japanese gamers were waiting for the 360 version of VF5. I wasn't speaking 'bout DOA at all.

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candystop4895d ago

Its going to be interesting to see just how many copies the 360 can spit out! I just don't understand why PS3 owners don't want to buy games and if developers are starting to see a trend! If this games offers an online versus mode then i'm pretty sure it will sell better on 360 and hit the 1 million mark on day one!

power0919994895d ago

Numbers still seem a bit low, but I think Tekken might show some higher numbers when it's released.

Funky Town_TX4895d ago

Maybe they just want to watch movies. I thought the japanese loved VF. I'm not a fighting game fan, but the game looks cool. I'll waste the bandwidth on a DL demo and that's it. With the PS3 instlled based that high in Japan this is looking bad. After Sony turned it's back on the Japanese gamers with their motorstorm version not having online ,they need to do something for them.

MikeGdaGod4895d ago

does anyone think maybe the game isn't all that great? they already have tekken. maybe VF isn't worth it. i've been wondering myself if i'll get both. with all the other games coming in march, i might not have time for both, i might just get the best between the two

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