Video Games Are Getting Boring

Video Games are boring. An opinion.

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Orbilator752d ago

Yeah that's truly unique, to many company's plays safe, so most of the time you feel your playing the same game with a different skin.

Still the good games are out there if you look. For example I played The Touryst and while it was hardly a massive game I enjoyed it immensley. There's lots of little classics out there that aren't from big publishers that are awesome, exciting and far from boring.

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neutralgamer1992752d ago


Average Sony game isn't really a bad thing though when games like days gone and order 1886 are considered average

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deleted752d ago

VR has made gaming exciting for me again. Now imagine games of Returnal's quality hitting PSVR2 and other headsets!

Dirty_Lemons752d ago

All down voters can 🖕 off, that game is a masterpiece.

Inverno752d ago

Returnal is just another tps in a genre that is over done by indies.

Silly gameAr752d ago

Tell everyone you haven't played a game without telling them you haven't played a game.

ED-E752d ago

I did, Returnal was the very first game I played on the PS5 and currently the only exclusive I can't find any love for. I even tried it again after half a year later, because the idea intrigued me. But still, after a couple of hours I again dropped it in favour of other games.

But i appreciate that Sony let at least some of their Studios experimenting with new IPs instead of just make a safe bet with another sequel/remake.

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Mobis-New-Nest752d ago

Returnal? No way. Back4Blood, greatest first person zombie shooter that puts the Left4Dead series to shame.

shinoff2183752d ago

Not everyone is into online multiplayer games so back 4 blood is a big eh in my world.

HeliosHex752d ago

Lol I think that's the last game this guy wants. Though returnal has unique qualities the repetitive nature might kill this guy's gaming habits entirely.

Knushwood Butt752d ago

True. Still, that way we wouldn't have another article moaning about boring games. They should get a new hobby.

fr0sty752d ago

Returnal is great... it brings back the old school gaming concept of death having consequences.

saint_seya752d ago

Damn im doing horrible in the game, but i love it, only got to the second (dimension/world?) boss, and havent killed it yet, but this game is so much fun.

S2Killinit752d ago

Video games getting boring?

Enter VR

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SoulWarrior754d ago

There just seems to be a big rise in F2P, battle passes, co-op focused looters, and just live service in general, they all just look and feel the same to me.

Luckily there are still plenty of games I like, but I'm not liking this live service boner the industry has developed in recent years.

BlackDoomAx752d ago

And yet I can't find many good co-op focused looters. Any recommendations?

MIDGETonSTILTS17752d ago

Returnal is coop now, assuming you can find a ps5 for yourself AND a friend.

MadLad752d ago

I put off playing it, but Outriders, despite anything you may have heard, is actually a blast.
Especially once you level up a bit.

Got a few friends to get in on it as well, and we're playing every other night now.

Other than that, the Division series is great, and always on sale.

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dumahim752d ago

There's that, but I avoid games like that but still feel like games are getting a bit boring. For me, they just seem to put in more and more time wasters than actual quality content. Looting stuff for crafting. Making overly large worlds that lack stuff to actually do in most of that space. More and more unoriginal and uninteresting side quests that distract you from the quality main quests.

AndrewM752d ago

Dude harvesting and crafting in games is great, just cause you don't like it doesn't mean others don't as well.

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dumahim752d ago


I'm pretty sure I said "for me" and never said others don't enjoy it.

For me.....

Rapture13752d ago

Not a looter, but Deep Rock Galactic is great co-op game with a nice progression system and classes that play wildly different but compliment each other perfectly.

Kurt Russell752d ago

AA and Indies is where it is at.

MadLad752d ago

Obviously there's still great AAA games coming out, but I've been focusing on smaller studios and their works for about 10 years now.
Pretty much since I switched to PC gaming as my main.

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XiNatsuDragnel753d ago

Most modern western games feel the same to Me.