Alien Isolation's team has been working on a sci-fi FPS for four years

It's unlike anything Creative Assembly has done before

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MadLad225d ago

They've proven with Isolation that they can do very well in vastly different genres than their norm. I'm excited to see what they're working on.

ClayRules2012225d ago

You’re right about that. A very talented team, who’ve proven themselves.

I’m very excited to see what they’ve booking working on for the past 4 years

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Mobis-New-Nest224d ago

Still can't believe IGN gave Alien Isolation 5.9 score. What an insult to one of the best science fiction survival horror games I've ever played.

ooquis225d ago

YES, please. I'm holding off playing the game with the hopes it will come to VR one day.

deleted224d ago

It's too perfect. Really surprised it hasn't been done earlier!

Giblet_Head224d ago

There's a half-decent VR mod for it.

MIDGETonSTILTS17224d ago

On PC.

In the era of remaking everything that was half way decent, this game actually deserves a Halloween relaunch.

I’m sure the game library will be small for the PSVR2…. Alien VR would be a perfect launch title.

The environment and Alien would look fantastic updated with RT, and the various switches and levers would be fun to interact with under pressure in VR with the new finger feedback in the controllers.

I know Creative Assembly is owned by Microsoft, but they seem happy to share when it doesn’t hurt them. Hogging Alien isn’t helping anyone, and it wouldn’t hurt M$ since they don’t do VR anyways, and the game is old af.

Giblet_Head224d ago (Edited 224d ago )


Yes hence why I wasted the necessary time to type the word, "mod". It's about as close as you're going to get for now. Also Creative Assembly isn't owned by Microsoft, they're owned by Sega.

philm87224d ago

Would be an amazing PSVR2 release. It seems too perfect for VR for it not to be in development. PS5 remaster would be great too, would probably be a lot of work though.

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RaidenBlack225d ago

Yea, this was leaked a year ago.
Highly curious, what's this gonna be.
Alien Isolation was a fantastic experience albeit a bit frustrating few times.

Tacoboto225d ago

... And it's a team-based multiplayer looter shooter.

Absolutely zero interest, shame Hyenas is what this turned out to be.

robtion224d ago

Agreed. They should have spent the time on Aliens Isolation. That would be a day 1 buy.

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