The Weirdest & Most Interesting Games of Summer Game Fest 2022 - GUI 130

Join Alex & Mike at GreenDragonCVR for a look back at weirdest, most interesting games of Summer Game Fest 2022. Highlights include Bear & Breakfast, Nightingale, Zenless Zone, Choo Choo Charles & Planet of Lana.

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Zenless Zone Zero's team says "you can only produce something that players like if you like it too"

Pocket Tactics sat down with Zenless Zone Zero's lead producer, Zenhyu Li, at the Hoyoverse offices to discuss Street Fighter, player feedback, new characters, and more.

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Zenless Zone Zero pre-reg hits 40 mil, unlocking huge rewards on PS5

The ZZZ pre-reg tally has topped 40 million, setting another huge milestone record for HoYoverse's PS5 RPG ahead of its July launch.

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Sonyslave311d ago (Edited 11d ago )

It hit 40 mil on mobile.


Planet of Lana (PS5) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "What makes Planet of Lana among the better success stories is how it emulates without forgetting to incorporate its own personality. It's a "Playdead platformer meets Studio Ghibli" without stopping there. What on its surface is a determined rescue mission blossoms into a planet-wide expedition succinctly tying a foreign world's history and Lana's heroic journey to interrogate our own presently discordant relationship with nature. Although – sadly – better strengths in presentation and theme aren't as evident within its game design, at least there are some quality nuances to the formula. Those half-measures do reveal Wishfully too often retreating to safety, but the collected successes elsewhere still make for an impressive debut that's easily worth playing."

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