Why Forza Horizon 5 Adding Sign Language Support Is A Step In The Right Direction

Forza Horizon 5 gets cool new features, most noticeably the new sign language support, that proves fun is for everyone!

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Sniperwithacause226d ago

A congratulations is in order here. Now let's make it be available for every game on any device. This is bigger than just one game. This needs to be a industry standard!

DarXyde226d ago

I agree. Accessibility is a must. I think many people don't have any care or concern about this now, but the way we all wear headsets and crank up the sound, we'll all be needing it soon enough.

Good on Turn 10. They and Naughty Dog are doing really cool things.

Mulletino225d ago

This is groundbreaking, now deaf people can know what is being said by the audio and captions!!!!1!

MadLad225d ago

A commendable feature to add.
Hopefully it becomes more widespread.