Dragon’s Dogma has hit its highest player count in 6 years, following sequel news and discount

Dragon’s Dogma achieved its highest concurrent player count in over six years over the weekend.

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phoenixwing228d ago

That's pretty cool actually

Father__Merrin228d ago

Excellent game spoilt by grindy combat and no fastbtravel the stones travel system was rubbish

lcslick228d ago

I'm doing my part to contribute to this. Found out my pawn had been a busy bee while I was away.

drizzom228d ago

Thats awesome. More people should enjoy this game.

HyperMoused228d ago

when i found this game i loved it and played the hell out of it, got to the demon in the expansion and after feeling pretty good at the game he wiped the floor with me, fatigue set in, but i need to get back into this i think, looking forward to 2 for sure.

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