Strategy Informer: The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Review

Strategy Informer writes: "Earlier in the year you'll remember that Strategy Informer got a sneak peak of the new Lord of the Rings Online Expansion, Mines of Moria, as it was doing its UK 'tour'. Since then, this latest addition to the Tolkien based MMO has been through a BETA stage, before finally getting released last month. True to form, Turbine have taken the next chapter of their own Lord of the Rings experience, and crafted it into a form that's well worth spending the time and money on. Still, it must be noted that this expansion is mainly aimed at the high end players, and so there is little extra incentive for new people to get involved, bar two extra classes and some other general tweaks.

As you can probably guess from the title, the Mines of Moria takes place mainly in Moria. Specifically, some time after the Fellowship has already passed through as they carried on their journey towards Mordor. In actuality, the expansion adds in the remaining portion of the Eregion area, Moria itself, and some parts of Lothlorien on the other side. With the Fellowships passing, the Dwarves are now moving in to try and retake their lost home one step at a time, and as the player, it will be your job to help them. Turbine will probably keep up their policy of regular free updates between now and the next expansion, so it remains to be seen what new areas will be added on from here, but it will probably stick to Moria, and possibly some extra parts of Lothlorien."

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