TMNT: Shredder's Revenge Doesn't Have DLC Plans Now, But That Could Change

From IGN: "Shredder's Revenge publisher Dotemu has clarified that, while the TMNT game won't launch with alternate costumes at launch, and there aren't DLC plans currently, the team has not ruled out adding new content in future.

On Twitter (below), Dotemu CEO Cyrille Imbert said that any future DLC would "depend on many factors like the game's reception and the ideas/feedback that the awesome community will send us."

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shinoff2183227d ago

Turn the effort into a new game. Fing dlc is the worst. Makes games feel and sone actually are incomplete. To this day i feel dlc is the worst thing in gaming counting micro transactions in there to.

227d ago
PhillyDillyDee227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Interesting take. Most people would love to have more content in a game they love over waiting years for another, probably different game. And you absolutely shouldnt lump MTX together with things like game expansions. One is a, sometimes free, but often one-time purchase that can add hours of gameplay. It could be a new campaign, a new character class, new and expansive features, etc…

The other is a psychological trap, calling you back time and time again. A trap that is often disguised as a problem. A problem intentionally created by the developer so they can sell you the solution. XP boosters and one time use items are their favorite because people will keep buying them. And cosmetics can be churned out with a palette swap for a quick buck. Then theres battlepasses…

These are two very distinct strategies for supporting a game post-launch. Sure some devs have gone down both paths but typically not successfully. My point here is that one of these ways is a very honest ask for a bit of money in exchange for some meaningful content, and the other is a web of deceit (being dramatic here).

Some of my favorite content has been good ol fashioned dlc. All the expansions to fallout 3 and new vegas, smash ultimate characters, and tons more but its early and im having trouble remembering…

Sanctusone226d ago

I actually really like dlc... there was a point in time where you had to re buy the entire game and play through the entire game again to access new content. P3Fes KH Final Mix etc. Granted some developers have used dlc to throw in cash grabs but overall dlc has been a positive aspect to gaming I feel.

227d ago