We're worse off without E3

Gaming needs its flagship back: and Keigh-3 ain't it.

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IanTH275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Perhaps for a gaming journalist, or those who frequently attended these events in person, no E3 feels like a loss of some kind. For me, even as a keen game news reader, it changes little. Sure, we'll miss neat little moments where crowds go wild over an announcement, maybe lessens the chance for cringe, things like that. But I'm simple. I've always been more interested in talking about reveals and stuff with friends, I don't need much bombast.

This also allows a lot of smaller devs/pubs to be able to host their own announcements more easily, and without the huge cost of getting there, getting a booth, spiffing it up, and jockeying for attention they may simply not get. I think the individual shows do the job pretty well, and at the end of the day it also allows them to be tighter with less dead air while shifting topics or locations.

I think I might have also felt more strongly about this if I was younger, when I used to get ultra pumped at game reveals and announcements. Being in my 30s, I still love games, I still love announcements and reveals, but certainly not in the same way. Ultimately, I'm fine either way. If it goes back to the way it was, cool. If it stays like it is now, cool. Just give me the games, however they come.

monkey602274d ago

I feel we're better off without it. The ones most upset about the loss of E3 are the journalists that want it to justify their presence. Media has moved on from that. Outside of the US E3 also had bad presentation times meaning here in Europe we had to wait up until stupid o clock in the morning to watch them.

But probably best of all! Because we're getting the news rounded out over the year now instead of an expected date, more developers aren't announcing games as early anymore. Just so they can try provide the shock moments.

Good luck E3. I loved you once but have outgrown you.

Ashunderfire86274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

I miss all those live moments of E3, even the cringiest ones😭😭😭 ;

Hulk Smash 💥🤣🤣

Flawlessmic275d ago

Agreed, it was one time of the year almost every dev came together to show off all new games coming and there always guaranteed to be big hitters.

I sure do miss it, it was always guaranteed excitement for me.

MadLad275d ago

There's no need for these huge conventions anymore. It made sense when print videogame game journalism wasn't all but extinct, but we have 24/7 access to anything games related, and thousands of people covering everything videogames games, daily online.
It's also so damn easy for even the smallest studios to reach out to the masses about what is being worked on.

E3 is needless anymore.

Levii_92274d ago

I admit now that i miss it.. i want it to be back

moriarty1889274d ago

Yes it’s pretty boring without E3. Definitely needs to come back.

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The story is too old to be commented.