Steelrising's robotic revolutionary Paris could be in line for the Soulslike throne - RPS

RockPaperShotgun : It's a bold play, releasing a Soulslike in the year of Elden Ring. Let me rephrase that, actually. It's a bold play releasing a Soulslike in any year, let alone the year of Elden Ring. You could snap open any twelve month span like a bulrush and watch many thousands of little Soulslikes disperse into the atmosphere, with only a select few really making an impact.

Steelrising is one of these Soulslike seeds hoping to sink into our screens, sprout, and take root not only in the innards of our Panasonics, but our minds too. From what I've seen, it stands a chance of survival in a saturated land.

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ManMarmalade220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Im actually very intrigued by this game. Hoping the reviews speak good volumes.

MadLad220d ago

Excited for the game, and love the developer, but I don't see this going toe-to-toe with the best games in the genre.
Spiders is talented, but they're a very small studio always working with a small budget.
They only really got their heads around a solid combat system with their last game, Greedfall, and even that could have used an overhaul.

Happy to be proven wrong there though.
I'm confident it will be a great experience either way.

phoenixwing220d ago

Spiders only earned my respect by making greedfall. If this new game plays well I'll buy it. Hopefully they can keep improving.