Cuphead Studio Director on Delays And Long Development: ‘Who Cares?’

Maja Moldenhauer explains why taking care of the team’s mental health was so important, even if it added years to Cuphead’s development.

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monkey602228d ago

Love the attitude in fairness. They're only video games at the end of the day and delays won't hurt anyone. Once they've played it they'll forget about the delays anyway.

There are some other views here too though. Rockstars neglect of the GTA series in favour of cash-in multiplayer. Or Bethesda taking decades to make a new game that looks like every other game they made prior with none of the industry tech leaps made between those games.

frostypants227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Yeah, the sense of entitlement by some gamers is nuts. If the dev doesn't have their money, the dev owes them nothing.

no_more_heroes228d ago

More companies need to take this approach. There's already far too many games to play now anyway and I'm sure a lot of us have a backlog of games that are like Mt. Everest - breathtakingly big and continuously growing.

Minute Man 721228d ago

Yup, , I have close to 100 games from last gen and 150 more from the PS3/360 era that I didn't even get to pkaybyet

mandf227d ago

I have the same shame log

VenomCarnage89227d ago

Agreed, companies need to chill out on worrying about delaying things. But at the same time, if they're worried because they announced an announcement of their game 5 years too soon, and had cgi trailers going on 2 years before they even had their own visuals to show off, they earned their panick when people are starting to get impatient and move on with their lives.

If you don't announce way too early, you afford yourself so much more time down the line when you need it

MadLad228d ago

Tomorrow's headlines

"Cuphead creators hate gamers and their hobby".

GamingSinceForever228d ago ShowReplies(2)
Angyobangyo228d ago

Wow, it’s almost like you didn’t even read the article.

MadLad228d ago

No. It's like most people don't understand blatant sarcasm directed at sensationalist game journalists.

228d ago
CrimsonWing69228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Well… I mean, maybe don’t announce them that early then?

You can’t get upset when people are disappointed. It’s human nature. Take for example, someone saying they’ll take you on an awesome and amazing trip next year. Then that time comes and they delay it to next year, you kinda have to understand the thought process from the other perspective. I don’t think the attitude of, “Who cares?” as being a fair way to look at it, honestly.

I’d say to not announce or release any kind of reveal until you’re at a point where you won’t get hit with a delay.

rlow1228d ago

It’s not that people don’t deserve to express their disappointment. It’s the extreme attacks that are the problem. The Death threats and hate people throw at developers is way over the top. These are just games at the end of the day and nobody deserve the hate they receive from a bunch of anonymous people.

CrimsonWing69228d ago

That’s with anything. My point still stands that publishers shouldn’t announce or show a game until it’s about a year out for release. It just helps with things like what you’re mentioning. There’s always going to be extremists, but I don’t think the whole, “Who cares?” Approach is the way to go about it.

MrBaskerville228d ago

Unfortunately you have to announce it, atleast if you are an indie developer. You need to get people interested to get funding.

curtain_swoosh228d ago

they have to announce things because of investors. trailers are not specifically for us, but for them investors.

but i get what you're saying. it is frustrating at times.

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