PS3 Gamers will soon be Gaming in 3D

Sony "fully intends" to support stereoscopic 3D gaming and Blu-ray 3D on the Sony Playstation 3.

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Mr PS34423d ago

Will not Be gaming because of RRoD

PoSTedUP4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

ps3 pS3



PoSTedUP4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

yea yea yea SOn masta killa is in the buildin! what up b. !!!!

blackbeld4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

PS3 real next gen gaming machine!!!!!!

Edit: 2009... 360 chapter will end.. PS3 will rule this gen!!!!!

NegativeCreep4274423d ago

Despite all the xbot's prayers and wishes, Sony ain't pulling an MS and dropping the PS3 prematurely.

I just hope this new 3D gaming on PS3 doesn't give you a brain-numbing migraine headache like that retarded Virtual Boy.

ultimolu4422d ago


F*ck with the PS3 and you'll get killzoned, lol.

Rapture3334422d ago

And for all those haters who say this isn't the sh*t, Nvidia technology man, go check out their website. It's good stuff... I would know, I got a GTX 260 and by god that kills all you haters specs.

ps3Owns3604422d ago

yep i heard of this great video experience .it puts you in the battle whatver game you willl cost 55$ not bad for it

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Rice4423d ago

Im really liking this, imagine killzone 2 in 3d, lawl...Power of blu ray, teh cell.

chaosatom4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )


But Seriously, This would be Awesome. Sony is driving the industry with Innovation.

Halochampian4423d ago

you know what 4d is dont you?

chaosatom4423d ago

Where you could see the end of the movie when you're watching a movie. xd/

ZombieNinjaPanda4423d ago


You're making my head explode!! :D

Halochampian4423d ago

I know what you meant. The 4th dimension as being time. I hope you were merely being sarcastic.

RebornSpy4423d ago

It was a joke...and a funny one at that. But seriously, imagine gaming through time.

sak5004423d ago

"Sony is driving the industry with Innovation."

Take off your sony goggles and see 5-8 years back when these glasses were introduced for PC gaming. I've seen myself monitors, which combined with nvidia drivers churn out 3d images for which you require glasses. Maybe you're born way after this kind of technology was developed so you think sony is the king of innovation.

El_Colombiano4423d ago

Sony? King? Innovation? Sounds right to me.

Halochampian4423d ago

"4d gaming is not too far away"

sounds sarcastic to me. I know it is a joke. Most jokes have a sense of sarcasm in it.

TheTwelve4423d ago

Sak500 is deeply disturbed by this news. :)

Let me predict what will happen right now:

1. When it first comes out, the criticism will sound louder than the innovation, and it will be called a failure by near-sighted media and desperate haters.

2. Sony will plug away with it, absorbing the hate, until it becomes a success.

3. Microsoft will then copy the idea.


Halochampian4423d ago

It is a neat idea but I think it will do just as good as 3d movies.

chaosatom4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

I mean it's something new happening and Sony is supporting it. Don't tell me that it's the same technology.

Ps3 has pretty innovative things like
LBP, Tank wars (hopefully coming soon), Card battle system, Voice talking from the characters (coming soon hopefully). Of course they must have had their inspiration or stolen some ideas from somewhere, but their implementation is different.

And Btw, does it really matter if i was being sarcastic or kidding about 4d.

Venomish4423d ago

we are already gaming through time, or the hours you spend playing doesnt count huh

Halochampian4423d ago

it does matter!!!!

dont know why it does but... somehow.. it does!

phosphor1124423d ago

4D being implemented into a game would mean a (re/pro)gression of entities in a game, whether models, textures, environment that change over time. There are a few videos out about procedural texture degradation that looks pretty cool. Hope they actually get implemented into games.

DaTruth4422d ago

You have to buy a Samsung TV and a flat panel goes for $1500 Ca. I'm actually just about to buy one. Planned to get a new TV and didn't want to be caught unprepared if this happened.

RebornSpy4422d ago

but I have yet to see one done effectively outside of an amusement park.

It'd be great if Sony actually pulled this off, but somehow I doubt it will be that great. Just a dumb gimmick that will get old or annoying before long.

I really hope they prove me wrong.

S1CKLY4422d ago

I really love that the sony fanboys all negged sak500 when he said something completely true. LOL. 3D glasses are nothing new at all.. that's not innovation.. that's nostalgia.

4422d ago
ultimolu4422d ago

Power of the cell!

Wow...that is incredible if they're going to use this.

Killzone 2 in 3D...*faints*

Rapture3334422d ago

And according to nvidia this is compatible with every modern game (with nvidia technology of course) go check their website.

Rhoic4422d ago

You lost credit when you said "Power of the cell!"

Cause we all know this tech is only possible if you have a great CPU.. you know.. not firmware updates, and certainly not the data on the disc :x lol.

BattleAxe4422d ago

@ Sak 500

PC gaming is dying, get over it and buy a PS3 or keep playing Counter Strike for the next ten years........

ultimolu4422d ago

Did you say something Rhoic?

sak5004422d ago


I dont disagree with you. We all know consoles are beating the poor pc in number of games being released for it. I myself was a hardcore pc gamer and was regularly spending more than $700 almost every year to keep it up to date. But since my last burn, which was buying 7950GX2 card, i stopped upgrading the pc and started gaming on 360 and never looked back.

Working in asus has its perks. We have like a room full of samples of latest and greatest products which are sent to media for reviews and for internal testing. End of the year they make a list of these items and we can buy at 50-60% of regular price. I mite get myself a 280gtx or 4870X2. I might not need to game on pc but good to have a good card for realtime strategy games which have so far not been done justice on consoles.

Oh and BTW nothing on PS3 ATM is enticing enough for me to make me buy it. Maybe later in 2009 when something which really outshines rest of the competition then i might think about buying it. Kz2 is not even a tiny bit interesting for me. Seen most of the vids and it really is boring and eye hurting.

Jecht4422d ago

I can keep going with those points.

4. After copying the idea, Microsoft will make claims that they had already invented it.

5. Sony will once again be bashed for stealing Microsoft's idea.

6. Microsoft's version will be over-priced, and underperform, but will be hailed as the better choice despite its constant hardware failures.

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rawd4423d ago


OC_MurphysLaw4423d ago

while the idea of 3D is cool, not sure I am overly excited for throwing on some form of 3D glasses with my headset to complete the utter 'Geek' image when playing my games. Might as well throw on the hit detection vest and helmet too to really round it out.

chrisnick4423d ago

since society has u so messed up that u'd rather not play a good game so u won't "look like a geek".....then u probably only play fps with big strong men in tight clothes, deep voices, and bulging muscles.....hmmmmm

nycredude4423d ago

Hit detection and helmet. Maybe they can may a 3d google with a built in mic and headset. I think we're on to something. Anyway I don't worry about what I look like when gaming. As a matter of fact I game damn near naked anyway so who the f'k cares? You shouldn't either.

SoIid Snake4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

Why should it matter if you look like a stereotypical geek? You play video games for a hobby and you go on N4G and talk about video games, you can't get any geekier than that. Do you wear a tuxedo when you play video games?

It doesn't matter what you look like, it's all about fun and the experience, and I think 3D Gaming could be a great experience if you are truly open to it.

Imagine Resistance 3 in 3D, where all the Chimeras are just going for you in a straight assault, or Killzone 3 with life-like graphics, the red eyes will be a nightmare to you, or even Ratchet and Clank, where you feel like you're part of a Toy Story movie. All I can say is, I think it's a great idea, and the gameplay could be fun, only time will tell.

saello2mylilfrin4423d ago

You've got to admit 3D would be cool in long as it doesn't cause seizures or make me soil myself while gaming i'm down.

As for the hit detection vest...I think it'd be much cooler to have the hit detection ON THE GOGGLES themselves..that way the jolts from the hardware go STRAIGHT to your brain. (Goggles should FLY OFF UR FACE when you take a head shot)

Venomish4423d ago

I feel you, it is a hassle and would look totally geeky and stupid. I know I would not be comfortable with that.

ezcex4422d ago

i carry my deagle with me when i play games. i walk around in a tank and a bottle of protein shake with me everywhere i go.

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