PlayStation Plus Extra is quite solid, but Premium needs a lot of work

By combining the previous PlayStation Plus with its PlayStation Now game streaming platform and throwing in additional perks like a vastly expanded catalogue and game trials, Sony now has an all-around more robust subscription service.

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ABizzel1278d ago

Premium needs more content, and IMO it shouldn't have been a separate tier to begin with. It's a $20 difference per year to have PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP games on PS5. I'm sure the catalog will grown, and hopefully the emulation will improve as well.

But it could have been all included in Extra for $100/yr. Of they could have simply had Premium at $120/yr. and included more benefits.

I also don't know why they didn't just name the tiers after trophies. I get maybe they didn't want PS Silver and PS Gold to be in the same conversation as Xbox Silver and Gold, but they're vastly different.

PS+ should have been renamed to PS+ Bronze
PS+ Extra&Premium, should have been PS+ Silver
And Gold and Platinum could have been left for higher-tier options like additional monthly games, VR content, and other media / subscription services (EA Play, Crunchyroll, etc...).

But the Extra tier as is, is a solid start.

Profchaos278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

I agree premium should have simply been a love letter to their hard core fans not an excuse to proce gauge for controversial emulation and it certainly shouldn't cost as much as it does the games in this their retail for around $2 on sale on the old psn.

RedDevils278d ago

At this stage Premium will might worth it in a year time.

crazyCoconuts277d ago

I:m not paying for extra or premium but $20 extra A YEAR is not a lot for getting streaming and some extra games. That's only $1.66 more a month

nevin1278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Paid $28+ to have premium for the next 172(About 160ish now).

As it stands, I'll probably just revert back to basic plan. But If Sony can add more PS1/PS2/PSP/PS3 classics and somehow figure out letting PS3 games being downloadable too, Than PS+ premium wouldn't be bad. Or they need to either lower the price or increase the value.

Also its strange every PS system is represented in some form except PS Vita.

One more thing I like to mention is game trials shouldn't be locked behind a paywall. The 1st trial I tried was WWE 2K22 and feel like something like this should be available to everybody.

Cackocacho278d ago

"Premium" costs more than XGP Ultimate, and well......... it's worse. I wouldn't touch "premium" as it is now.

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shinoff2183277d ago

You got a problem with math

rob-GP276d ago

Yeah... Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs around $60 more per year than the highest PS Plus, it also has around 400 games less in the service.

SurgicalMenace278d ago

As a person who appreciates the benefits of streaming; no downloading, no waiting, no disks, I'm enjoying premium. I'm not one to expect everything to be perfect so Sony has time to improve, while still making games, movies, music, electronics, etc. All the complaints don't make any sense to me, what you don't like, you can just find other means to fix. Don't have enough classic PS1/PSP games, get a Vita. Don't like streaming PS3 games, buy a PS3. Sony is just offering an option and it's being critiqued by people who aren't offering s***, so if you like it, get it, if not, don't. Simple

F0XHOUND278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

They do have time to improve, and I'm hopeful for it. But Playstations streaming services have been around via Now since 2014. A lot of (if not all) the streaming on Plus now, is identical to what is was back then. But eh, now it's all in one service and will reach a larger audience and with Xbox also doing it very well, maybe they will finally put more dev time in and make streaming that extra % better than it is.

I don't think it even matters what your connection speed is. if you have ultra fast 1 Gbps or higher or 50 Mbps I think there is a cap at the lower end of requirement and thats that, where it makes no difference, just as long as you reach the min. which kinda sucks :(

SurgicalMenace277d ago

Actually, the streaming works flawlessly for myself and I've been playing whole games with no issues. With the PS3, PS4, and the Vita the same could not be said. Ultimately, I'm enjoying it greatly. For me, it's much better than having to download or insert disks. I used to love all my physical mediums until I experienced the convenience of just hitting start to play. I currently have business class Xfinity upload and download speeds exceed 1000mbps, not sure if that makes a difference.

Note: The library of PS3 games is robust and varied enough for everyone to find some form of enjoyment.

mastershredder278d ago

Pemium should be stream or download. This streaming shi7e is still not up to par no matter what your connection speed is or who has network bottlenecks or downtime (host or client).

The actual amount of content is pretty good, I just hope it keeps staying good and not the a recast if the usual PSN store sale chum.

VenomCarnage89277d ago

Funny enough my internet is not very good and the PS3 streaming is great. It always sucked on ps now but since switching over it's felt like a disc is natively in the console

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