Starfield Should Focus More on Its Own Environmental Puzzles Than Updating Prior Systems

Starfield's gameplay trailer is impressive, but the game could use a little more originality before it becomes a mere 'Fallout in space.'

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Flawlessmic276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

Puzzles, yeaa nahhhh.

Give me a good long story, great action, cool cities to see, aliens, space battles and some cool looking planets with lots of stuff to do on them and im happy and yea ok some puzzles would be ok i guees just to mix it up.

Why is fallout or skyrim in space so bad lol there both great series and very beloved.

Im sure starfield is gonna add its own spin on bethesdas style of games.

anast276d ago

Fallout 4 and Skyrim are shallow experiences. They are beloved because of the modders not because of the base games they released.

Flawlessmic276d ago

I play on console and never used mods on those games and enjoyed them emensly none the less, as would literally pretty much every console owner who likes those game which greatly outweighs pc players when u count the consoles together.

Soo uhh yea ur comment is partially true at best

anast276d ago

Mods are on consoles, which have thousands of votes and those who do not vote with stars that still use mods on consoles. This game without mods is a shell of a game. So, there is no at best here or partially. .

King_Noctis275d ago

You are saying that without mods Fallout 4 and Skyrim has zero side quests and main story contents?

anast275d ago

@King I did not say that. Therefore, you are setting up and argument with thin air.

I am saying that the game is incomplete and shallow. Those side quests are uninteresting because you can be a "king" in every guild, which turns the game flat. A game this flat needs modders not only to fix the various amount of immersion breaking bugs, but to also add to an otherwise painfully mediocre experience.

Skyrim needs you to make the fun for Skyrim, because Skyrim doesn't make the fun for you. Yes, mediocre entertainment has its place.

Bethesda is treating gamers like suckers and people enjoy it. I can't stop that I suppose, but I can critique it.

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