Obsidian, and Why Xbox’s Acquisition Strategy is Staying Out of the Way

Obsidian studio head Feargus Urquhart and Xbox general manager Mary McGuane explain Xbox’s acquisition philosophy, and how Obsidian has both fit in and remained free.

shinoff2183356d ago

Obsidian, inxile, and bethesada will be why i pick up a xbox from marketplace probably next summer. I enjoy most of their games and will miss them on playstation. Fallout especially. Love the atmosphere and lore of fallout.

ABizzel1356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Fallout was announced, but unfortunately, it's likely 2029 at this point. I personally have not been a fan of Bethesda's WRPGs, but I did like The Outer Worlds, South park, and Alpha Protocol (niche gem), and hopefully, I'll enjoy Avowed as well.

As far as the article goes it's a good read they could have done without the PS part, but it's great to see a studio happy with the results, and as I've said before GamePass and now PS+ are great in the since that they allow QUALITY smaller games / indies games / A or B tier games a place to thrive and find an audience, that otherwise would often be looked over.

ABizzel1356d ago

To clarify, I enjoy Obsidian's WRPGs more, not saying Bethesda made those games.

Atom666356d ago

It'll be awhile for Fallout, unless Bethesda changes its stance on remakes and let's someone revisit older titles.

Outer Worlds 2 will likely scratch that itch for me, though. I look for inxile's new project to borrow a lot from their Fallout/Wasteland roots, too.

Beyond Phil Spencer, it's interesting to once again see Noah Musler mentioned...

shinoff2183356d ago

I didnt really care for outer worlds. I was excited at first but it faded quickly. Maybe ill give it another shot.

Chriswheeler22355d ago

I'll buy a Series X at some point for sure