Exoprimal Shows Tons of Hungry Dinosaurs in 15 Minutes of Extended Gameplay Video

Today Capcom provided a new and extended look at its upcoming dinosaur shooter Exoprimal, showing an entire match in Dino Survival mode.

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Lightning77347d ago

This looks really good to me. I'll definitely check more into it.

FlavorLav01346d ago

For serious? This looks worse then Anthem to me. Super uninspired, and bland looking. Would’ve greatly preferred Capcom revived Dino Crisis if they had to do a game with Dinosaurs.

Lightning77346d ago

Reminds me of SEGA of old back in the early 2000's I miss these sorta games personally.

People are just upset because it's not Dino crisis.

CrimsonWing69346d ago

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to give this a play. We’ll see if it’s any good though. Gives me Earth Defense Force vibes.

monkey602346d ago

Capcom heard our cries for a new Dino Crisis and gave us this! That Betrayal hurts bad.

-Foxtrot346d ago

I don’t know guys

Looks pretty generic to me

OneLove346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Nah any game with this much enemies per wave has too much grinding like warframe. Only makes sense in zombie games.

ChubbyBlade346d ago

You haven’t played many games