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Andreas Asimakis writes, "The beat ’em up experts at Dotemu and the pixel art pros at Tribute Games have gone and done it: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is a retro-inspired masterpiece that is so good it made me cry. "

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Deathdeliverer233d ago

Man… this person is either as tough as wet tissue paper or the biological father of one of the turtles and is a proud father. The headline is so ridiculous that I simply cannot read this article.

CrimsonWing69233d ago

Lol, yea I mean it’s a bit much. Look, I’ve teared up in a movie a few times like a big p*ssy, so I’m guessing it’s maybe the same? I don’t know, but your comment made me laugh.

Deathdeliverer233d ago

Yeah man. I’ve felt the throat itch in a few movies me and my girl watched through the years. I had the same itch and the watery eye when me and my girl played through the first Telltale walking dead game. She cried her ass off and I’ve been calling Lee her dad ever since. Hell he’s been her ring tone for years now. And of course the infamous FF7 as a kid.

This game? This made him cry? Unless all four turtles FINALLY ended up in shredders turtle soup he needs to wash his face, get it together, and not let that happen again.

Shane Kim233d ago

I laughed hard at Shredders turtle soup.

Athlon101233d ago

LoL. I hear you. However, I'm thinking he's talking about the nostalgia and reminiscing of the good ole days when the games like this originally came out. The author of the article is a huge fan of the series as was I. I remember playing Turtles in Time in the Arcade and the SNES version and noticing the differences between them; I loved that Neon Night Riders stage and music. I played Hyper stone Heist on Genesis in 92. Games like this also came out at the time that side-scrolling street brawlers were all the rage: Final Fight, Double Dragon, Streets of Rage. Heck, I may tear up too playing this game and remembering when I used to play games like it tons of times in the 90s along with my childhood friends when one had no care in the world. LoL

Deathdeliverer233d ago

My good man. I watched the original TMNT VHS until the tape wore out and snapped. I had the Turtles, rat king, krang, Baxter, shredder and super shredder, and the Turtle van that shot sewer lids. I beat every game and every version more than once. The infamous Original on NES where Donatello and Leo were the most important characters in the game. Hyperstone heist like you, Manhattan project, turtles in time, both versions of tournament fighters (genesis and snes), and remember the joy of seeing the Arcade game in the arcades for the first time and throwing away a weeks lunch money to beat it with a team of equal minded kids. I’ve got all the smite skins, I used them in injustice, and have always loved being a turtle.I have had this game AND the collection on my news finder for a very long time.
All that being said, as a fellow victim of strong nostalgia, this guy is as strong as a mouser.

SenorFartCushion233d ago

Nostalgia is literally classified as an addictive substance. It’s tears from a nerd who is refusing to grow up.

Daeloki233d ago

So much fragile masculinity in this comment chain

SenorFartCushion233d ago

Right? I don’t condone the writer’s actions. Crying over nostalgia is weird. But the way some of the comments are describing their “tearing up” moments is funny. There’s a lot more to the stories that we aren’t getting.

I sobbed through Everything Everywhere All At Once. It was a heart wrenching movie and I was incredibly moved by it. So was my GF. Who cares? Art moves people. It’s not the same situation as what the writer is detailing.

Nostalgia shouldn’t move a person to the point of tears; that’s strange.

soulrebel233d ago

Nostalgia makes person emotional. Stop the press!

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Sniperwithacause233d ago

In other news, the game is great!

mastershredder233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Tears for 10’s.


Rebel_Scum233d ago

Tears for the UK calling it Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles back in the day cos they thought ninja was a bad word.

YourMommySpoils233d ago

The review was so high, this reviewer made me cry.

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