Free Radical States It Has Not Shut Doors

SPOnG has spoken with a named source within UK developer Free Radical. The source states that the Haze developer has not shut its doors.

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Relcom5217d ago

They just won't let anyone in. . . .

HighDefinition5217d ago

I hate stories that go back and forth.

The MGS4 to the 360 was a great one, in retrospect.

techie5217d ago

A named source? What's their name?

RoyFlav5217d ago

Yes, actually reading the story would be a an exciting new adventure... but to save the effort, the source is Rob Yescombe the screenwriter for Free Radical.

techie5217d ago

Actually the source is blocked at work. And i know Rob. This is a joke post.

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Sangria5217d ago

Spong really should learn some webdesign lessons. My eyes just suicided, whereas they could support Goatse.

TIKUP5217d ago

WTF so why has the Star Wars Battlefront 3 game been handed over to another developer?? It even says that they have shut down in the star wars b3 article which was justed published

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The story is too old to be commented.