Five Reasons Why The PS3 Will Own In 2009

Well folks, 2009 is coming to a close. The PS3 has had quite the thrilling year with everything from Metal Gear Solid 4, all the way down to LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm 2, and Resistance 2. 2008 has a lot to show for, and we are still busy gaming away trying to finish some of these amazing PS3 titles, but what does the future have in store for us?
By Amir Bashir

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xwabbit4416d ago

They forgot heavy rain :o

Gambit074416d ago

My most anticipated game.

Voiceofreason4416d ago

You were probably saying the same thing last year when they did do a price drop. It has little to do with price. If consumers want a product they will pay for it. Some people are paying as much for Wii's on Ebay as they can buy a PS3 for.I blame it all on extremely poor advertising and too many arrogant comments. They need to just stfu and show some games.

Darkseider4416d ago

That's ONLY five exclusives. There is still Heavy Rain, WKC (yeah I know Dec 25, 2008 but that's only Japan), Quantum Theory, Demons Souls, Insomniac and Naughty Dog exclusives in 2009 as well. The PS3 does truly have a stellar lineup of exclusives throughout 2009 and from the looks of it possibly even 2010 depending on titles like War Devil, FFXIII Versus, Rock Star stated exclusive, etc...

xwabbit4416d ago

Hmm wonder y is taking so long to approve this LOL...... CONSPIRACY! ... Lol. Man those are just exclusives... imagine all the other games that are coming too :o

nice_cuppa4416d ago

can we at least wait till next year when we hear about microsofts games !
We all know they desided not to show games as early !

Darkseider4416d ago

Seeing that yes MS does hold things close there really isn't much that isn't known about. Unless MS has some super secret title that hasn't even been hinted there is: Alan Wake, Star Ocean, Halo RTS, Halo:Recon, Ninja Blade and that's the long list. Granted there may be more but seeing that MS is lacking in first party studios and there hasn't been any big third party exclusivity announcements, I don't see much more coming in terms of exclusives to the 360.