Assassin’s Creed Remaster Speculation Fuel Amidst Anniversary Celebration

Rumors are suggesting that Ubisoft might be working on a remaster or remake of Assassin’s Creed. This was seen in a recent video celebrating the legacy of the series.

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RaidenBlack164d ago

The first AC actually needs a Reimagining ... not a Remake and definitely not a Remaster.
The game's pacing is atrocious and overall a bit boring (all this was rectified in AC II )

VenomUK164d ago

Judging purely on the screenshot comparisons the video uses the same source as before; there is no extra detail or resolution in the supposedly 'wholly redone CGI', it just has its saturation turned up which makes it look more colourful. I do the same thing in Final Cut when a video clip is looking washed out.

The first Assassin's Creed game set the stage for the series and I remember being so excited for it. I have started it a couple of times but never got too far. The concept is phenomenal and the idea of playing in the Holy Lands is unique. I still mean to finish the whole game. The BC upgrade version on Xbox gives it a tangible visual upgrade.

BlaqMagiq1164d ago

The first AC is horrible by today's standards and definitely needs a remake. AC2 should've been the first AC.

toxic-inferno164d ago

What an odd thing to say...

While I agree fully with you sentiment (AC2 is definitely superior to AC1), I'm puzzled by the claim (which it seems you are making) that Ubisoft should never have released AC1, but gone straight to AC2. The success of AC1 is intrinsic to the development of AC2.

BlaqMagiq1163d ago

AC1 to this day is one of the worst games I ever played. The missions are literally the same from start to finish, not to mention the story was absolutely boring. I will say this, Altair was the epitome of what an assassin should be but that's it. I almost didn't play through the rest of the series because of it but I'm glad I did.

You may think my statement is odd, but I fully stand by that statement. If a remake could fix these things then I'm all for it.

Soy164d ago

I still maintain AC1 was more of a beta for what they wanted to make happen, and AC2 was the first real AC game that was fully finished. AC1 certainly deserves a remake to bring it up to current standards - Altair was a fun character.