Bigdownload: "Rumor: Fable II PC coming in February 2009?"

It's Thanksgiving so what the heck? Time for another rumor story. This one comes from IGN who state that a German gaming web site have posted up claims that Fable II, the Xbox 360 "exclusive" fantasy RPG from developer Lionhead Studios, will be coming to the PC platform as soon as February 2009.

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Gun_Senshi4293d ago

And play the BEST version of Fable 2. Like I get to play the BEST version of All X360 "Exclusives"

El_Colombiano4293d ago

Yessir. Truth is, most 360 exclusives are BEST played on my PC. Except for the REAL AAA's like Too Human...heh.

moreover4293d ago

what u clowns forget is where does ur money go regardless if u buy it for the PC?

Gun_Senshi4293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

I got a Pirate copy of Windows for gaming and my MAC for normal use.


M$ doesn't deserve my money so hurray piracy for that. I refuse to buy unfinished products for full retail price to get in beta when there are free better alternatives like Linux.

lance4293d ago

people like u is why piracy is rampant. i despise scum like u

thematrix12984293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

Dude... at least he is admitting it. You on the other hand sound like cousin of Bill Gates. Everyone pirates including you, can you deny it?

M$ delivers half finished products, let it be software or hardware.

haha...there is no 360 exclusive because 360 itself is a cheap version of a pc.

Gun_Senshi4293d ago

point fingers and blame without knowing.

I got more original PC games then pirated games. I got naer 50 PS3 games and over 300 PSX and PS2 games all original.

I pirate to try products and give money only whom is worthy for.

Example I downloaded and tried Fallout 3. As a Fallout 2 Fan i was insulted. I uninstalled and didn't buy it. I arrived until some school with mad people until it bored the crap out of me and found out it is not the game for me. Its just Oblivion with guns and Oblivion sucked compared to Morrowind. I still play Morrowind.

candystop4293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

Don't let these clowns bother you. They always say the same crap and never end up getting the game. The funny thing is the fact that he wants to play it but since he's an a-hole retard he lets his pride control him. Even if 360 had know exclusives the PS3 lineup still looks dull.

Edit below gun: lol...If you believe in the bubble system then you sir have lost all credibility.

militant074293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

people like you arent people. i hope someone steal from you moeny so you can know what steal mean.

Pirates are animals or worest.

Gun_Senshi4293d ago

because your 2 bubbles are so creditble.

I guss I play online all time via Steam and on PS3 with pirate games?

I know what I do and I find it rightful to try out a game before I buy. Since There is NO rental service where I live downloading the game is the only way to go.

darkequitus4293d ago

1 or 1000 pirated games, you are still a thief. Whether you keep the games or not. I guess if you had an IP, you would be happy for all and sundray to rip you off?

darkequitus: psn/xbl

El_Colombiano4293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

Pirates. Yarh!

ionstorm4293d ago

gun senshi having 2 bubbles in this site doesnt mean anything considering 85% of this site is sony fanboys and a thief like urself.i wouldnt want piracy on anything including the PS3 because developers have kids to feed you know?

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poindat4293d ago

So you are assuming that everybody who buys it on the PC is buying it for that platform because they despise Microsoft. Please, we all know where the money is going. I will be purchasing the PC version (if this rumor is true) because it will be the best version; not because I'm foolish enough to think that my money is going to a different source.

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Bnet3434293d ago

Totally irrelevant but:

Posted Nov 27th 2008 8:00PM

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