The Switch shouldn’t have to beg

Persona leaving Nintendo high and dry begs the question, even with all the Switch's success why does it still need to prove itself when it comes to third parties?

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Orchard740d ago

The HW sales alone should mean it doesn’t need to port beg - it’s massively outperforming the XSX and PS5.

OtakuDeNoche739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

As much as this statement is true, we all know that the XOneX/S & PS5 are the new shiny consoles at the moment and well to try entice people who haven't purchased them, this may entice them to do so. I'm sure Microsoft made a decent "donation" to makes those games available on their hardware. At the same time... It is also a dumb move that these games weren't already announced or on the switch, prior to the announcement. At the end of the day, it is all just business moves made by involved companies. Let's be clear, yes those games would sell on Switch, but those probably aren't the numbers they are looking for vs the potential numbers if they released on the other two big platforms.

luckytrouble739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

Mistake number one was thinking the lords of arbitrary exclusivity would take platform sales into account when deciding platforms. Atlus just does what they do, and Nintendo has been on the positive receiving end of that many times throughout the years. This is just a case where they looked at the Switch and apparently said nah.

SurgicalMenace739d ago

They're getting what they deserve for not moving with the times. It's primarily a legacy system due Nintendo's refusal to push beyond their own laziness. Who cares about sales when your hardware is so far behind the competition. Toyota outsells Ferrari by a very large margin as well but that means nothing to those driving Ferraris.

Neonridr739d ago

right because the Switch is incapable of running Persona..

onisama739d ago

I think thats unfair like i don't have a switch but its very wrong to compare switch to ps and xbox... Nintendo is aiming for a younger andience and for portability and the hardware is great for that with the first party support for games that fit with its portability focus...i don't think they care much about persona coming to their system and remomber they got shin megami tensei v... Im not defending the system and or im a big fan of them but i do love pokemon and smash fire emblem....
Comparing nintendo to toyota is harsh too as ferrari is a luxury sport car that sell few but very expensive compared to budget Toyota when nintendo hardware is expensive and the most selling games are from there studio and rarely do sale...

SurgicalMenace739d ago

Unfair? Toyota has been one of the most reliable vehicles for over 2 decades, until Jaguar managed to challenge their position in 2019. The Switch is a reliable system but it's performance can't ever hope to keep up with PS or XB.

4k, VRR, RTX, FSR, Ray Tracing, ALLM, HDR, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, 3D Spatial Audio, are just a few next gen features that Nintendo can't even be mentioned for having. They don't even give their players the option to see their favorite games at a higher level. Imagine the world of Mario with the scale and fedilty of a R&C. You say that they're aimed at selling to a younger audience, right? If true, why so many legacy titles with an M rating? Wasn't that the problem they had with the Wii and the WiiU? The Switch is the WiiU light and is identical, graphically. How long has it been?

BTW, Ferrari is not a luxury car, it's a super sports car, low luxury with high performance. When you see that my analogy was about performance over pricing I'd hope you'd understand my plight a little better. Sales mean nothing when your aim is to take advantage of all the features made available in tech industry. Nintendo is showing that they don't care, which is why they deserve to go without certain titles. You did see that SMT is going to PS5, right? Companies want to see their games in a new light as well, it's not fair to hold them back with a refusal to push the envelope.

onisama737d ago


Gaming is not about graphics if you think that you maybe new for gaming....
And comparing a home console to portable is.... Genius 😅

SurgicalMenace737d ago (Edited 737d ago )

If that's all you got from what I said, then perhaps, it's you that's the newcomer. When TVs are delivering more realistic displays and more groundbreaking tech, why not take advantage?

It's funny, because if Nintendo had a system that outperformed Sony/MS technologically you'd be singing another tune. It's so convenient that one minute the Switch is a console, then when it's performance is brought into play then it's a portable. Just keep naively sheltering yourself from the fact that the industry wants more than what Nintendo's tech is offering. Sells are cool but tech is better....Genius.

SinisterKieran739d ago

you know its old weak hardware right? the only games that can really perform on it are exclusives.

onisama739d ago

I think persona 5 can run but with lot of work and Atlus wont bother adjusting and optimizing it with lot of work

septemberindecember739d ago

Persona 5 is on the PS3, Persona 4 Golden is on the Vita and P3P is on the PSP. The Switch outperforms all of those on a hardware level. Being "weak" isn't an excuse, these aren't demanding games

Yui_Suzumiya623d ago

Such a retarded statement. If it can run Dying Light, Doom Eternal and Bright Memory with no issues and it already has Persona 5 Strikers then it can run anything, lol .. even the Crysis ports run better on this.

Antnee534739d ago

Few things 1 being I think when it comes to 3rd party games coming to switch its just not worth the effort to port your game to the console when you are working only on ps5/Xbox series.
2 I still think persona might head to switch but with nintendos own direct (rumored) on the 29th they might have asked atlas to hold off announcing these games for the switch.
3 going forward I see less and less games making there way to the switch until Nintendo puts out a new stronger model that can at least make it easier to port ps5/Xbox series games to the device.

TheTony316739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

It's no rocket science. If the Switch was more powerful, i'd have more third party support. Same thing happened with the Wii. It was number one but the majority of it's third party titles were shovel ware and old ports from previous gens.

septemberindecember739d ago

No, these Persona games are all on systems that are weaker than the Switch (PS3, PSV, PSP). It has nothing to do with power

septemberindecember739d ago

Everyone disagreeing with me, can you please explain to me why you think these Persona games are graphically intensive?

TheTony316735d ago

I was talking about ports in general.