Sony's PlayStation 3 is Down, But Not Out

Although the PlayStation 3 has been outsold by its competitors these past few months, Matt Peckham argues via the Washington Post that the situation is not as grim as may seem. The Washington Post article refutes a story from CNN Money that completely writes off the PlayStation 3 as a failure.

Compared to November 2007, PS3 sales are down this year from 466,000 units sold to 378,000 units sold. In contrast, Microsoft and Nintendo products sold very well in November. Twice as many Xbox 360s were sold and five times as many Nintendo Wiis were sold.

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Mr_Bun5153d ago

Stop me if you heard this one...So the PS3 and 360 walk into a bar...

ultimolu5153d ago

*stops you* Hold on, lemme get my pillow and blanket.

*gets pillow and blanket*

Now you may continue. I just wanted to get comfy for the story. :3


Johnny Rotten5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

Thank god the PS3 has a web browser, now I can download those free swimming lessons before the ship sinks.

Shane Kim5153d ago

Hahahhaha man okey we got it, PS3 is doomed and xbox is the one and only console to own.


From every single article that i have read on sony. I mind as well just trade in my ps3 since its worth at least something right now. I guess we have to move into the most superior system according to everybody else .

sike...sike...sike...sike...o nly morons would believe this...LOL..I dont know you can call me a gamer , hardcore gamer , casual gamer I dont know what kind of a gamer I am , but all I know is I play games more than the average norm . I will quit gaming before I would ever buy an xbots.......

Shane Kim5153d ago

Hahahah so would I. It's a f*cking hazard just to have a xbox in your house.

borgome5153d ago

Do us all a favor and crawl back into the dumpster you were born in
and fetch me a snack while your in there looking for your dinner.

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The story is too old to be commented.