Hideo Kojima Confirms He's Working With Xbox on a “Completely New Game”

Game creator Hideo Kojima took the stage (virtually) to confirm that Kojima Productions is working on a "completely new game" with Xbox Game Studios!

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kenpachi241d ago

Finally making that kinect game he promised years ago

Eonjay241d ago

Something about using the cloud. I'm not a fan on it's face but Kojima is a visionary so I'm sure he will work it out.

FlavorLav01241d ago

Can’t wait to see it in 4-5 years. Just in time for next next gen to get going.

Obscure_Observer241d ago

More likely his horror game, now called Overdose, starring Margaret Qualley as the main character.

People who mocked Phil´s travels to Japan are having a hard time accepting that Kojima is working on an exclusive game and all of the 3 Persona games coming to Xbox.

awiseman241d ago

I don't want American companies to be successful in Japan.

Eonjay241d ago

I'm not sure it's a horror game. I'm not even sure it's a game in the traditional sense. Also you said it was exclusive. I don't think you are right. Let's keep this open as a gentlemen's bet. Let's see which one of us is better at interpreting PR. No drama!

porkChop241d ago

Hmm. I don't know why a horror game would need cloud computing, but you can certainly do a lot with the tech. I guess you never really know.

Wtf kind of comment is that? Japanese companies are successful all around the world so why shouldn't foreign companies be successful in Japan?

neutralgamer1992241d ago

Man busy enjoy. What's the difference between them hating and you celebrating? I for one am glad more gamers will get to play persona series

We have to grow out of this console war mindset and enjoy the games

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itsmebryan241d ago

I guess the petition to stop this didn't work. Lol

LucasRuinedChildhood241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Maybe Xbox made him a really good offer, idk, but ... Kojima likely would have asked Jim Ryan first for funding first given his relationship with Sony. Maybe it's to do with MS's cloud infrastructure?

I'm probably going to have to get an Xbox for this at some point (unless it's bad). They're rumoured to have greenlit Death Stranding 2 ... so why not this?

SoulWarrior241d ago

That's a bit much isn't it? Literally nothing is known about the game lol.

LucasRuinedChildhood241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

I'm just venting a bit, tbh. MGS1 was the first game I ever bought as a kid with a second-hand PS1, and I've always liked Kojima's games.

If it's a good game, I will play it somehow ... and I don't like gaming on PC. I haven't seen any of the rest of MS's conference - I'm in no rush to buy an Xbox and I'm vocal about my issues with MS.

I just having a gut feeling that this was avoidable. Sony may have been disinterested in funding a completely new IP with another weird concept because Death Stranding didn't meet their sales expectations.

Resistance 3 also didn't meet their sales expectations, and then MS managed to get Insomniac to make Sunset Overdrive (Sony probably could have funded that game). After that, Sony secured their relationship with Insomniac, and the rest is history.

-Foxtrot241d ago

Rejected the game?

He made Death Stranding for Sony, and that game...well, lets put it this way if Sony can support Kojima with that then I don't think they'd reject something else from him.

Basically Microsofts wallet is bigger.

Markusb33241d ago

Wait xb can reject marvel and kotor but Sony can't reject a game concept?
OK pal, as for a bigger wallet that's true and why I always find it incredible how xb makes mediocre titles

Eonjay241d ago

I think he is work with Microsoft to bring this to the cloud but I doubt it is going to be Xbox exclusive. They would have said that.

SurgicalMenace241d ago

They've pretty much confirmed Death Stranding 2 already so it can't be that. The rumor of Kojima working with Xbox is years old now and has always been known to be a cloud based game. No surprise here.

Orchard241d ago

@Eonjay It’s a partnership with Xbox Game Studios - it’ll be PC and Xbox only.

241d ago
Eonjay241d ago

That like saying Sony rejected itself when it went to Microsoft for it's cloud infrastructure.

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TheGreatGazoo30241d ago

Well, I doubt they rejected it because you are correct in saying Sony doesn't have the infrastructure. At least based on what was said it'll be using MS Azure Cloud somehow.

porkChop241d ago

Kojima said he's using Microsoft's cloud tech. If you want to make a new type of game using cloud computing Xbox is pretty much the way to go. Their cloud infrastructure is really advanced and already has tools available for gaming.

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ChubbyBlade241d ago

Why would he ask permission from Sony? His studio is completely independant

monkey602240d ago

Here's an interesting point.

They never mentioned his game would be exclusive.

VenomCarnage89240d ago

Everything Xbox does releases on PC, why waste money on a console for one game?
"I don't like gaming on PC" plug the controller in, plug the PC into your TV, and boom, you don't even know the difference aside from your multiplayer suddenly becoming free

Zeref240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

He literally says it in the video. It's a cloud based game. Sony doesn't have a dedicated cloud infrastructure.
(in fact they're using Microsoft's for their own projects lol)

And some speculate that it was meant to be a Stadia game at first,
But then Google pretty much abandoned Stadia and their gaming plans, so Microsoft picked it up along with the leading Stadia game designer ,Kim Swift, She was supposed to work with Kojima on the cloud game for Google.

But now they're both at Microsoft.

Sony wasn't even part of the conversation because they can't provide him with what he needed for this game.

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CaptainHenry916241d ago

I'm still skeptical about a cloud game 🤔

Fishy Fingers241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Probably not a "cloud game" but using cloud tech, like an online constant persistent world etc

CaptainHenry916241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Hopefully it's not like Death Stranding which was average at best imo

ChubbyBlade241d ago


Death Stranding was fantastic.

RedDevils241d ago

@CaptainHenry916 average? You don't like good game when you see one then, there lot of gamers out there replaying this game multiple of times.

porkChop241d ago

I think it would be similar to DS only in that it would likely feature a more advanced version of "strands". So some sort of asynchronous interactivity between players. That's probably why he's using Azure and working with Xbox. Gameplay will in all likelihood be entirely different.

H9241d ago

After all the talk, it's official, seriously big news right here, love him or hate him, he does unique things, which I would rather have than any copy-pasted game of these days