The Last of Us Part 1 is Smart to Come to PC Early

Naughty has revealed that The Last of Us will be receiving a remake, and it has made the wise decision to release it on both PS5 and PC.

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Bladesfist284d ago

It makes a lot of sense wherever they are doing remakes of games to release them on PC as well. There will be far more PC gamers who haven't played the game than PS5 owners. They can probably cover the costs of the remake for both platforms entirely by just adding PC into the mix.

According to Sony's figures, God Of War sold nearly 1M copies in 2 and a half months on PC. Assuming the port didn't cost 40 million, that paid for the port rather quickly.

CrimsonWing69283d ago

Why just Remakes then? Why not all games?

djremy283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

To make people want to play the sequels and buy PS5

ocelot07283d ago


Exactly this release old games on the system. Hope they like them enough where they simply can't wait 2-3 years for a PC release.

Maybe while they have a system sign up for PS+ Premium.

CrimsonWing69283d ago

It makes 0 sense how people are ok with Remakes coming out at the same time, but not other games. This is some serious close-minded brand loyalty mentality.

Why not have PS5 owners buy the games on their platform and let PC gamers buy the same game on their platform at the same time? You think having the game on PC will somehow kill off the console market?

It’s the double standard I’m questioning here.

Eonjay283d ago

Uncharted is still coming to PC. I wonder if they are working on both at the same time. They use a similar engine if I remember correctly. I also think they are staggered like the console releases to avoid cannibalization..

jeromeface284d ago

The only way this thing was getting sales to justify its development was selling it on a platform its never been available before. You get dimishing returns when you remaster something EVERY console generation. That and the sour taste of the sequel is still in peoples mouths. I know several who would have been excited for this before the sequel, but they killed the ip... so it is what it is.

anast283d ago

How did they kill the IP?

jeromeface283d ago

I'm in several gaming communities. I'm not gonna spoil things here but no one I've spoken to liked the direction they took the story. That's all I can say.

jznrpg283d ago

@jeromeface well since your several communities out of the entire world said so it must be true . lol wtf .

anast283d ago

A few people didn't like the direction and the IP is dead? I'm sure you know you are wrong. I happens to all of us.

outsider1624283d ago

"I'm in several gaming communities. I'm not gonna spoil things here but no one I've spoken to liked the direction they took the story. That's all I can say."

Thats wierd...the ones i know loved the story. And actually thought it was better than the first.

And as for killing the a Remake is gonna be out this september. Factions 2 (still part of tlou universe) will be out next year. How is that killing the Ip. Imagine if Tlou3 were announced? Would that kill off the IP?

MWH283d ago

Mostly a specific group of people and their accolytes would prefer 2 over 1, no sugar coating.

Sunny12345283d ago

"Sour taste of the sequel"? Last of us 2 is the most awarded game in the history of games. It was one the best game of the generation. Honestly most of the bad reviews it got are from the people who have never even played the game, they just judge it on biased reviews, that also because devs included the soo called diversity.

It had amazing story, gameplay, graphics. Excelled at everything.

CrimsonWing69283d ago

I liked the direction the story took.

SonyStyled283d ago

Same. For a series called The Last of Us, some seem to forget that in a post apocalyptic world most people die without their hands being held. There are incredibly tragic things that happen in the game. It was intended to disturb the player so we feel the pain of the characters and deeper understand their actions throughout the game. I believe some gamers who dislike the story weren't prepared for that experience

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DazaMc283d ago

No one knows when it's coming to the PC. It could be a year away.

XxSPIDEYxX283d ago

How can it come to PC early, when they just stated it's just in development?

jznrpg283d ago

We went back in time and it released when PS3 version did .

TheKingKratos283d ago

What Sony is doing is good for PC gamers so they could play those games but it also make playstation lose what made it special in first place ... exclusives

I don't know how to feel about this tbh ...but i don't like it and it make me in no rush to get ps5 even more

ocelot07283d ago

If they released these games day one on PC then I would sell my PS5 as their would be no point owning one.

Releasing old games on PC is fine. Gives Sony extra money to put into more games that release on PS5. Then a few years later release it on PC for extra money to fund for the next game.

TheKingKratos283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Like i said i am cool with everyone get to play those amazing games ...but i am talking about making those games exclusives is what made me and millions bought playstation consoles as we knew then that there is no way we could play those anywhere else ....but now !! It feels like Playstation lost what made it special if you get what i mean

And if that trend keeps going i truly think it will only hurt playstation brand more as it loyal fans will see there is no point of getting the weaker system because it offer nothing special any more

283d ago
ocelot07283d ago


Miles was pretty much just a expansion to the 2018 spider man. Witch is releasing after 4 years on PS4. Miles is releasing 2 years after it released on PS4 and PS5.

I'll believe Returnal when I see it. I have been hearing about Bloodborne for the past 3 or so years. Demons souls another one. Been hearing about that since the remaster released on PS5 almost 2 years ago.

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