The Xbox game streaming TV app feels almost like the real thing

The Verge: "Playing games on the new Xbox app made for TVs feels like a big deal. There’s no console and no hidden HDMI streaming device. Yet, in my brief hands-on demo, games like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 loaded quickly and — most importantly — they played well with both Xbox and PlayStation 5 wireless controllers."

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TheGreatGazoo30352d ago

It works great on am Galaxy Tablet or Surface when I'm traveling for work, and that's on hotel wifi. The TV integration will be great for people that can't afford, find, or need a new system.

thesoftware730351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Good stuff, I had some nice experiences with Xcloud out of the house.

I don't need a Samsung T.V tho as I have an SX and and SS with a 65" C1. This is a great option for people buying a new T.V and want to try out Xbox or just play a few games once in a while.

ABizzel1351d ago

You don't need a Samsung TV for this. Any Android TV can do it by downloading the GamePass APK. And before I get started from a consumer standpoint this is great, and to an extent, it devalues the need for a Series S as you can basically have your TV be your Xbox and stream games up to [email protected] All you need is the $15/mo. GamePass subscription, hardware not needed. And this is the brilliance, and danger of their strategy. Their entire ecosystem is going to be reliant on GamePass and growing subscribers, and unfortunately, there is a HARD CAP on subscriber growth for core-console gaming which is around 50m, and technically even lower for the Xbox brand as of late, and they're going to have a HUGE uphill battle getting beyond the +40m subscriber mark.

brewin351d ago

It works because they use Series X consoles to power the cloud game streaming. I've been surprised by the quality when I've tried it out on my phone and tablet! I never thought cloud gaming would be a thing that would catch on. There's too much that can go wrong. I was shocked when I was able to play full, lag free matches of Halo on my phone and am now a believer. This has a lot of potential to bring in New gamers and is a very savvy move by MS. I doubted them and thought that moving beyond the box was a mistake, but they are proven me wrong. I've accepted my plate of crow😂

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