Casey Jones joins TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, six-player co-op revealed

The game hits PS4 on June 16.

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darthv72236d ago

Hell YEAH!!! I'd love to see them add Usagi Yojimbo to the mix at some point.

BlackTar187236d ago

They'd probably have to get rights. Since he is not a tmnt creation but a folk hero or something similar.

TheLeapist236d ago

I was so stoked to see that. I wasn't planning to play this on my PC, but you can't beat free so PC it is (don't have an xbox).

Sgt_Slaughter235d ago

Or support the developer and actually buy the game.

236d ago
YourMommySpoils236d ago

Called it for Casey. Even envisioned the light blue banner. Cowabanga turtle fans. Day 1 :D